Part 3: The Multi-billion Naira Corruption Industry That Keeps Boko Haram Alive, by Dr Idris Ahmed, CUPS

Shekau and Buratai


Among others, one of the main reasons why Book Haram refuses to die, and is in fact resurging in recent times, is the fact that there is a multi-billion Naira corruption industry associated with fighting the insurgency. Money meant for paying allowances, purchasing arms and ammunitions, is being systematically siphoned off for the personal use of some very high ranking military officers, placed in strategic positions.

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Take the case of a group captain, who currently works in the North East. This corrupt officer built multi billion Naira properties in Nigeria and South Africa, which includes a very large hotel in Northern Nigeria. The same group captain uses his ill acquired wealth to purchase cars for the wives of senior colleagues as gifts, just to silence them.

It is this kind of treachery and moral bankruptcy among military, security and law enforcement agents, that led to the abduction and continued unlawful detention of anti Book Haram police officer, Datti Assalafiy. This also explains why Datti had to be abducted by a team of officers that includes army brigade commanders of Gombe and Bauchi, along with DSS operatives.

Knowing what we know, our helpless compatriot, Datti Assalafiy, is unlikely to come out soon. This is because he knows too much, and thus posses a great danger to the criminals that he threatened to expose.

The only way we can stop this sabotage and brigandage in the fight against Book Haram, and also save our hero Datti Assalafiy, from peril, is by mass action through enlightenment. Let everyone of us who reads this article please share it with as many people as possible.

May God save Nigeria and Nigerians. Amen.

Dr. Idris Ahmed.