PICTURES: Defying Military Blockade Protesters Reject Election Postponement In Nigeria’s Capital


Defying Military blockades, protesters gather for third day in Nigeria’s capital against the ruling party enforcement of an election postponement. The presidential elections slated to hold on February 14th are feared to soon be postponed as forced by the unpopular Goodluck Jonathan government that is afraid of a resounding defeat at the polls should the elections hold next Saturday.

Soldiers in Lagos Nigeria today ahead of INEC postponement
Soldiers in Lagos Nigeria today ahead of INEC postponement

Protesters voted no confidence in the government and vowed to reject any attempt at postponement.

Public commentator Musa Azare said, “Election Postponement: Any public officer who comes out in the open and declare that he/she cannot perform his/her constitutional duty should immediately resign. He/she has no business being a public officer.”

National Consensus Movement with IG Wala Protest in Abuja Today

igwala protests6

igwala protests5

igwala protests4

igwala protests

Bar. V.O Egboh, an Assistant Director Security in INEC tries to convince protesters that JEGA assured that the meeting is about ensuring a credible election on the 14th of February and 28th 2015.

igwala protests3

igwala protests2