Political Ambition Amidst Blood Bath Is Evil And Wicked; Letter To Jonathan

Dear Goodluck Ebele,

In your campaign speeches, you proudly emphasized on railway rehabilitation as part of your achievements. How can a railway be useful to citizens when insecurity abound towns and bushes where the railways crossed. Is this why you ignore Boko Haram to continue with the attacks in motor parks, so that we will turn our attention to your railway stations? If checkpoints cannot bring down the number of smuggled arms and bombs into towns, schools, markets, motor parks, etc, how do you expect Boko Haram to spare the content of railway coaches which basically are people and goods?

Mr. President, we are not as stupid as our politicians, the dredging of the River Niger was a better priority than the railway, the two projects had the same period of completion, their budgets was all approved and all were commenced but, one was abandoned simply because, the dredging is also unifying force and your are an agent of disunity.

You may forget the number of innocent souls killed, God knows, you will never forget the security budget, what happened to all the monies, the lies and empty promises. We will always remember you with the amount of blood and tears, widows and orphans, empty classrooms and number of IDPs. We wish you same evil-luck from your bad omen!

by IG Wala on FaceBook