President Jonathan’s Silence As Boko Haram Slaughters 70 Nigerians For Sallah

Former president Jonathan dancing after Chibok girl abduction


My dear president, the whole world now knows that Boko Haram killed 70 Nigerians yesterday during the Sallah celebrations on Saturday 4th October 2014. Now that the bloody Islamist sect have killed 70 people to replace rams for the Eid-kabir celebration the news is also out there that our Nigerian Air Force is now having its jet brought down by Boko Haram insurgents.

Janjaweed Connection
Janjaweed Connection

Some Nigerians say there is nothing to fear that Shekau and his gang do not have anti-aircraft launchers but ordinary catapults, we even heard the dead Shekau had resurrected after being reported dead that is not what I wanted to say. Well, why is President Jonathan never addressing the nation at this time of crisis? Oh, is he busy? Can he be busier than president Bush who addressed Americans standing on a vehicle barely 5 minutes after pentagon was brought down in 2000 or busier than Obama and UK’s Cameroon who vocally reacted to ISIS killing immediately it was reported.

Busy doing what? Okay sleeping, let’s even ASSUME he is busy, why can’t his vice, Namadi Sambo address the nation, or what exactly is the job of this Vice President?

We see Joe Biden addressing Americans from time to time so what’sup with this our own Vice President.

Well he is secure by the gates of Aso rock Oh, don’t even mention that dude called David Mark, whose Otukpo people on this page tell me how negligent he is, well that’s the third most powerful person in this our land.sambo-nnamadi3

He travels to Otukpo by helicopter because the roads are bad. But before I digress, what is Namadi’s job? Is it just to carry agbada up and down? Ehn?

We voted for these people and they must be accountable to us. We voted you all to act for our collective interest and now they have all gone AWOL and neglected us or is it cowardice or what?

GEJ a Grand commander of a federal republic. Talk and act now.