Prophet Ebelenna Chukwu Sprays Money Non Stop At A Wedding (Video)

Naira Rain As Popular Onitsha Prophet Ebelenna Chukwu- “Excess Power” Sprays Money Non Stop At Church Members Wedding

The video you’re about to see, shows the moment when popular Onitsha prophet of Ebelenna Chkwu of ‘Jehovah the mightier than all deliverance ministry’ in Anambra popularly known as “Excess power” sprayed money excessive at his Church member’s wedding.

In the video, a man carry a briefcase filled with new N100 notes is seen following the Prophet who prances up and down throwing money in the air.
The video which the said man of God posted on his Facebook wall with the caption “Faithful daughter in Christ” has been shared over 2000 times and watched over 49,000 times.

While some people are commending the Prophet for supporting his Church member, others think the ostentatious show of wealth was highly unnecessary from a man of God. What do you think?

Watch the shocking video 

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