Radio Biafra Director Nnamdi Kanu Threatens To Kill Eze Who Became Muslim

Jan. 10, 2014

NewsRescue– Nnamdi Kanu, the fanatical director of Radio Biafra, from his studio in London, has threatened to kill the Owerri Igbo Chief who converted to Islam.

On his 9th January, 2014 broadcast, Kanu said,

“Every Eze that is a Muslim must be hounded out. They must leave our land. If they do not leave our land, they will be killed. They must leave our land and go to the North to stay.”

Chief Sylvester O. Dimunah
Chief Sylvester O. Dimunah

Chief Sylvester O. Dimunah, the vice Chairman of the Council of Village Heads in Imo State, notably recently converted to Islam. Kanu claims the chief is pleading and has doubled his security due to threats and the promotion of terror against the Chief by Nnamdi Kanu. Kanu had given out his phone number and asked radio listeners to call and threaten the Eze.

This is his latest terror threat in a series against the United Kingdom, and other prominent Igbo leaders, families of so-called traitors and anyone else.

Kanu was seen in a video November 2013, harassing and insulting Hausa peasants under a bridge in Anambra, has in a facebook post on the radio page, threatened to kill the families of ‘saboteurs,’ of his Biafra struggle. See: NewsRescueVIDEO: Radio Biafra Harasses and Insults Hausa Peasants In Anambra

The extremely bizarre threat by the angry young boy against families of ‘traitors’, was contained in an expansive statement where he spewed insults against prominent Igbo leaders. The post is below:

Nnamdi Kenny Okwu Kanu wrote-DEALING WITH APC SUPPORTING SABOTEURS IN THE BIAFRAN STRUGGLE: Every calamity that has ever befallen the Biafran people in the expired Lugard contraption Flora Shaw named Nigger-area (Nigeria) were perpetrated by those Igbos born outside Biafraland of dubious and questionable parentage. The list is endless right from Dr. Azikiwe to the fool called Ukpabi Asika who I am certain is in hell. Henceforth and in keeping with our oath, all saboteurs will be caught and executed. There will be no mercy, no pardon, no forgiveness. All traitors must die and so too their families. This nonsensical disease of Igbo saboteurs springing up all over the place in the name of having a different opinion on Biafra liberation will no longer be tolerated especially those who claim they are Biafrans but are supporting APC or APC candidates.

Perhaps all this is because Nnamdi Kanu is seeking cheap publicity.


Radio Biafra on facebook has 17,000 likes. Nnamdi also presents a call-in show in which he holds conversation with like minds. In a particular radio show, he also offered vocal threats to the United Kingdom and any other foreign nation that interferes with his objective. He promised to bring ‘terror’ to their soil. Surprisingly Kanu offers these terror threats out of the UK, which raises questions on the UK government’s position in this campaign.

It is worrisome that people like Abubakar Shekau, leader of Boko Haram and Nnamdi Kanu, leader of Biafra Radio are confident and bold enough of their hate terror messages, and broadcast these through the uncensored and readily available social media.

Fans of terrorists like this, who like their pages and patronize their messages is another amazing, rather frightful thing. Killing saboteurs may be OK, but killing their families! Seriously???