Breaking: “Goodluck Jonathan Is An Igbo President Of Nigeria” – Radio Biafra

Jonathan Ijaw {Igbo according to Radio Biafra}

Jan. 10, 2014

Nnamdi Kanu
Nnamdi Kanu

NewsRescue- Radio Biafra says the South-south is Igbo land and President Jonathan is an Igbo president of Nigeria.

The Radio Biafra director, Nnamdi Kanu declared this authoritatively in the January 10th broadcast, from the Radio’s office in London, stating that “the evil Yoruba media of the Nigerian ‘zoo’ brainwashes and has confused the Ijaw and Calabar people to think they are not Igbos.”

Nnamdi Kanu further said that it is because Jonathan is Igbo that he is convening Nigeria’s latest National conference, which he believes will produce the liberation of Biafra-land.

Radio Biafra has numerous fans, therefore according to this revelation Nigeria has had a full serving, elected Igbo president. The station and its fans and supporters are however not interested in leaderhsip of Nigeria which they have through Jonathan, their interest as can be heard from all callers in the broadcast is the liberation of Biafra.

In the same broadcast, Nnamdi Kanu reiterated his threat that “if Biafra Igbo states are not liberated, they will burn Nigeria to the ground.”

The broadcast further amusingly stated that Jonathan is a zoologist which makes him best capable to man the Nigeria zoo.

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