Radio Biafra Gives UN “Final Warning,” Declares To Fight “Eyeball-to-eyeball”

Nnamdi Kanu, Radio Biafra, in Queen's England


The Radio Biafra seditious, pirate organisation has written a “final warning” open letter to the United Nations, saying that it is ready to fight.

In the one page letter the organisation claimed that women were shot in Anambra protesting the release of group leader Nnamdi Kanu accused of incitement and planning terror.

ngozi jonathanNnamdi Kanu (real name: Kenny Okwu Kanu) was finally caught at a hotel in Lagos on October 14th by men of Nigeria’s Department of state security. He had been wanted for inciting terror against the Nigerian state, issuing death threats against prominent Nigerians, harassing innocent Nigerians of other ethnicities in the east, recruiting weapons manufacturers and other terrorists and operating a seditious, pirate radio station. Also for using terror to promote the former presidential candidate, Goodluck Jonathan; ousted due to widespread corruption. See charges and video with evidences.

In the letter, the group claimed it was the primary target of Boko Haram terror, a claim that is not substantiated. It further claimed women were shot in Anambra, a claim that has been proven false as the police only shot in the air to disperse protesters and a woman cut her leg when she fled and fell into a ditch as video evidence proved.

The letter written by a so-called Mazi ifeanyi chijioke concluded,

“…the law has lost its wielding sword for us and now must we defend ourselves, we have utilized all options left and last line of defense must be drawn by our own hands. Nigeria has provoked us and chased us to the wall, recall that we are Biafrans who bravely fought for three years with nothing or preparation then imagine now, we are born-scientists that can move mountain of war to defend ourselves and embracing the law is not a sign of weakness or cowardice. We have hit the wall and have no other place to run to, but rebound and face our pursuer eyeball to eyeball.”