Radio Biafra Threatens To Bomb, Kill NewsRescue Media Staff


For continuing to report on the happenings on Radio Biafra including several verbalized plans to kill unsuspecting Hausa-Fulani residents in Igbo states and promises by the radio host Nnamdi Kanu to kill Nigerian soldiers, Radio Biafra agents have begun threatening NewsRescue.

Below is a message from the radio station IPOB member.

Biafran Biafra I wish the Biafrans should stop listening to this Hausa Media, is very obvious they are inviting the terror to them just like Thisday newspaper and Boko Haram… Yesterday in your video when trying to blackmail Radio Biafra you called it IPOB but today you purposely referred it to Massob simply you hate truth but indulge in lies…Only advise is to stop risky your staffs lives with all this lies you peddling against the indigenous people of Biafra…Biafra freedom is not given but taken by force, whether you like or not the game is over…Freedom is for the oppression and oppressed so keep setting the fire with lies but your lies strenghten the Biafrans.

We have reported the station to the authorities. We as a news media platform that has over the years taken Boko Haram by the horns is not afraid or cowered by terrorists and their threats. We will continue to deliver truth and fight for justice across the world.

In below videos Radio Biafra planned various conspiracies to trigger chaos in Nigeria and members promised to kill random Hausa-Fulani’s in Igbo states to hopefully provoke a chaotic reaction.