Re: “Shia Muslims Pose Greater Danger than Boko Haram” – Sharia Council Scribe at el-Rufai Panel

Datti Ahmad of SCSN
  • Re: Shi’ites Pose Greater Danger than Boko Haram– Sharia Council Scribe

I saw the above article on the Twitter handle of one of the sidekicks of the Nigerian President Buhari in social media platforms, JJ. Omojuwa (@omojuwa), and I decided to write a rejoinder to it.

First who are the “Supreme Council of Sharia in Nigeria (SCSN)” that the so-called Nafiu Baba Ahmad is its “Secretary General”? The SCSN is an ultra-Wahhabi group that is directly sponsored by Saudi Arabia and its leader is one Ibrahim Datti Ahmad who is know in Nigeria to have close ties to #BokoHaram. When the former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan wanted to negotiate with the BokoHaram thugs, Ibrahim Datti Ahmad was one of the people they mentioned that they trusted.

On 13th February, 2016 I wrote an article titled “Plots against the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN)” and said in the article: “On exactly Wednesday (03/February/2016), a meeting took place at the Hall of the Halal Fountain Hotel, Kaduna, that was facilitated by the Nigerian government and hosted by a known Saudi front in Nigeria ‘Supreme Council for Shari’ah in Nigeria (SCSN)’ that is headed by one Dr.Ibrahim Datti Ahmad. The meeting attracted representative from neo – Wahhabi, ultra – Wahhabi and some Sunni groups in Nigeria.”

And in the article I mentioned some of the characters that attended that meeting that included this said “Nafiu Baba Ahmad”:

“Some of the characters that attended the meeting included the following:
-Manir Jafaru (Chiroman Zazzau)
-Sayyadi Ibrahim (son of Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi)
-Yakubu Musa Kafanchan (Izala)
-Abubakar Mujahid (JTI)
-Aminu Gusau (JTI)
-Nafi’u Baba Ahmad
-Namadi Musa
-Sani Abdulkadir Khalid
-Aliyu Sani etc.”

At that meeting Ibrahim Datti Ahmad declared:”The Shia Movement has a potential of posing a more dangerous threat considering its large numerical strength, organizational capacity, sophisticated methods of deception, its extensive tentacles through embedment in every strata of government including the armed forces, the police and the intelligence services. Added to these is their assured and we’ll known foreign backers, principally Iran and Lebanon. The capacity for mischief of Iran and Hezbollah are there for all to see in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait and Syria, a clear testimony of Iran’s determination to fight the Sunnis, to a finish.”

So the claim that “Shiites pose greater danger to Nigeria than the BokoHaram terrorists” is a Global agenda of #Wahhabism and these bloodthirsty Wahhabi uses such proclamations to convice their ignorant followers to stage terrorist attacks against innocent Shia civilians in various Muslim countries.

The murderous BokoHaram insurgency is just more than 5 year-old but it has killed more than 40,000 innocent Nigerians and rendered more than 2 million Nigerians homeless. And these figures are just for Nigeria, the murderous #BokoHaram terrorists had killed thousands of innocent people in Chad, Niger Republic and Cameroon. While the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) that is under the leadership of His Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem #Zakzaky do not have any statistical record of killing anybody in more than 37 years of its existence.

The allegation by Nafiu Baba Ahmad that “the Shi’ites had recently started adopting Boko Haram strategy of intimidation and elimination of Ulamas who were opposed to their doctrines, saying that many have refrained from testifying before the commission for fear of the unknown” is baseless and groundless that can never be backed by any witness, facts or figures. The #IMN is guided by the Islamic injunction of the sacredness of all human lives and is too civilized to kill those that are opposed to its doctrines because among all Muslim groups such behaviour is the notorious speciality of the terrorism – enabled Wahhabism that Nafiu Baba Ahmad symbolized. IMN believes in dialogue, intellectual discussions, rational thinking and freedom of expression in discharging all its programs and activities.

Finally, the call by Nafiu Baba Ahmad that “the society to be involved in checkmating the Shi’ites” is a call to violence against law abiding and peace loving Nigerians. We have it on good authority that ultra-Wahhabi groups sponsored by Saudi Arabia like SCSN plan to start attacking the programs and activities of IMN and here is Nafiu Baba Ahmad making a public confession on that. Nigerians and the International community should hold the Nigerian government that backed and facilitate these intolerant Wahhabi groups responsible for any attacks on the programs and activities of IMN.

Harun Elbinawi
[email protected]