#REACTIONS: We Igbos Want But Don’t Want

ENDS post election poll suggests more Igbo voted Buhari


Latest entry to our RECATIONS from around the web column is this post by. It is in response to accusations by Ohaneze of President Muhammadu Buhari “hating Igbos.”

iamtomiymb said:

“Ndigbo wake up!!! We want federal appointment but we don’t want federal prisoners transfer to our south east prisons! We want Senate Presidency, yet we hate APC and don’t vote for APC! We want to produce Nigerian President, yet we want Biafra Republic! We want true Nigeria, yet we are not united! We say Northerners hate us, yet we remain in the north despite the bombing! We want to secede from Nigeria forcefully, yet we keep investing all over Nigeria! We call president Buhari a boko haram, yet we want him to develop Igbo land! We want our sons daughter appointment into key positions in the Buhari government, yet we fight ROCHAS OKOROCHA AND SEN. CHRIS NGIGE! Una think say power na free drink? Who is deceiving who. Ndigbo, we are the cause of our problem. I REMAIN HONOURABLE VICTOR EZENDIGBO. ‘Jonathan touched Alamiesigha, DSP lost his job. GEJ touched Yar’Adua and Yar’adua lost his life. GEJ touched Nigeria and Nigeria lost her strength. GEJ touched PDP and PDP lost its fortune. Everything Goodluck touched, turned to Badluck. Rev, Fr Mbaka.'”

Another great comment came on Vanguard:

Maduka Caesar said:

“As long as Nigerians continue to see public officials as ‘our son’ and not as an appointed official of the Federal Republic, the country will not move forward. We are blinded by ethnic sentiments instead of performance. Yet when our ‘tribe’s man’ is appointed, what do we get in terms of general development? Rather he goes ahead to corruptly enrich himself and his immediate family. your only benefit is that you can feast your eyes on big mansions with fences and gates higher than that of Kirikiri Maximum Security Prison. if stern looking armed guards are not guarding the house, then you will very big wild dogs (that are even better fed than most Nigerians) guarding the house. For me I’ll rather have a ‘stranger’ who is a performer that will make a positive impact on my life than a ‘brother’ that will make a mess of it. So long as he is a Nigerian, let talk more about performance instead ethnic issues. My fear? Can PMB get such performers? God help him!!!”