#REACTIONS: Who Is Worse Between Jonathan And Obasanjo? [Debate]

Obasanjo and Jonathan


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Here is today’s scoop.

Comments are from PremiumTimes. Debate is on who was worse between PDP President Obasanjo and PDP President Jonathan:

OBJ= election rigging, private university, presidential library, 16 billion dollars in power, Halliburton , Siemens , political assassination, failed 3rd term etc, etc etc. So why is this man criticising Goodluck who organised a free and fair election and handed over power? Beats me

How ironic that you praise GEJ for free and fair election considering it was OBJ who organised the election that put GEJ as VP in the first place. Double standards????

And by the way, we both know the election was not free and fair. Except you believe the results from the core north or the SE & SS regions. GEJ lost not because the election was free and fair but because of overwhelming support for PMB that prevented the PDP rigging machine. Though it must be said that in a free and fair election, GEJ would have still lost.

GEJs failure to rig successfully does not translate to free and fair.

During OBJs tenure, stealing was more central to OBJ and his friends. During GEJs, everybody stole. GEJ adopted the IBB method of governance where you allow your friends and enemies to steal so they can leave you in peace and in power. GEJ miscalculated the opposition as wanting just money. It turns out they wanted power too. Result is that they stole and still kicked GEJ out of power. I will argue OBJ was bad, but GEJ was definitely worse

yemi, I agree with you to some extent. However OBJ as an individual enriched himself and dangote beyond measure and DID NOTHING for Nigeria. He was busy fighting Atiku and seeking 3rd term. OBJ is not only angry but a bitter old man.