Religion Naming 101, by Dr. Peregrino Brimah


Do we use God chosen name(s) to unite or our nicknames that help divide?

They dwelled in the Indus valley. The Arabs nicknamed them “Hindi” and so the name “Hindu religion” came about. But alas, they revered Brahma=ABraham and his wife Saraswati=Sarah. So close they were to others, but the different names stopped them and anyone else from noticing the brotherhood.

They were people who dwelled in the mountainous south Palestinian region of Judea, Kingdom of Judah, and they were called “Judists” and “Jews” based on the name of their location.

Jesus never herd, suggested or mentioned the word, “Christian.” At Antioch some people saw disciples and nicknamed them “Christians” for being Christ-like. Jesus did not come to give that new name to the faith to divide it from its root. He insisted, “what do you have written in the Law and how do you read it? Do so and you will be saved.”

They felt they should distinguish themselves from others they felt were different and some people nicknamed them “Sunni” to classify them based on their belief they strictly followed the “Sunnah.” But “Sunni Muslim” was not in any “Sunnah. Hence they became “Sunni sect/religion.”

They felt the others were misguided and had ignored relevant Authentic Hadith promising 2 things for guidance: Quran and AhlulBayt, so they wanted to follow the rightly guided so they were nicknamedthe “followers.” Followers=Shia in Arabic. And so became Shia sect.

They quarrel and kill each other over the nicknames and figmental claims. Verily there are simply those who submit to the One God and those who do not and therein you find the best and true name.

If you Submit and are not arrogant, you will unite and not divide.

– Dr. Peregrino Brimah @EveryNigerian http://Naija.Live