Revealed: Military Men In DHQ 656 Hilux Car From Plateau Behind Killings in Southern Kaduna

Sept. 29, 2013


Information available to reveals that military men from a check-point in pole wire, after Hawan Kibo in Plateau state are behind the killings taking place in some Southern Kaduna villages.

Yesterday 25/9/2013 at about 9:05am military men in a hilux car with registration number, DHQ 656 invaded Jenta communities along Kaduna- Plateau states border – and were shooting and setting houses ablaze.

Residents said some military men invaded the area at about 9:05am in a Hilux car with registration number DHQ 656 shooting and setting houses ablaze.

“They came to Jenta village and many people thought they were there to beef up security. They burnt about 10 houses and took off,” a resident said.

A traveller who witnessed the incident said their car had to park when they heard loud cry of women and children from the communities.

jos-police-birom“As we parked, we suddenly saw a Hilux car with registration number DHQ 656 with military men who passed us on a high speed. We asked some resident about what happened in the village and they told us some military men came to the community burning and shooting.

“When we continued the journey, the same military men in the Hilux car with registration number DHQ 656 stopped us at a military checkpoint on our way to Jos, searched our car and allowed us to pass,” he said.

According to him, the Hilux car with the military men moved at a high acceleration to another border town community called pole wire in plateau state where they stopped and started searching vehicles.

“From what we observed, they came from plateau state to cause mayhem in Kaduna villages because the pole wire checkpoint after Hawan Kibo in Plateau state seems to be their destination,” he added.

It was gathered that the incident has created tension in the area with many people scrambling for places to lay their heads.