#RevolutionNow VIDEO: Sowore’s Lawyer Falana Says If FG Foolish Enough To Charge Him, ‘Buhari’ Will Be First Witness For Recommending Egypt’s Revolution In 2011

Femi Falana Cachinnates


Attorney Femi Falana in this video said he told Yele Sowore that if the Nigerian government is foolish enough to charge him to court ‘the president himself’ will be the first witness he will call for recommending in 2011 that Nigerian emulate the Egyptian revolution. Watch:

President Mohammadu Buhari who himself perpetrated a military revolution in the form of a coup detat, in 2011 as a democratic candidate implored Nigerians learn from the Egyptian 18 day revolution. Read full here.

Probably Tinubu will be witness number 2:

Nigerians are beginning to call Buhari #ScamBubu

Meanwhile a Federal High Court in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, will rule on Thursday on the application by the Nigerian State inSecurity Services, SiSS had seeking to detain the former presidential candidate and rights activist for 90 days.

#RevolutionNow #DaysOfRage protests are continuing across the country despite brutal police presence and world. Protests are holding at Nigerian embassies and the United Nations.

Nigeria’s Tinnamen Square moment