Rivers State[Video]: Soyinka Tells President Jonathan to Call First Lady To Order

July 11, 2013

NewsRescue– Nobel laureate, professor Wole Soyinka has called on the president of Nigeria to call the first lady, Patience Jonathan to order. Asking of this is Nigeria’s first, first lady, Soyinka expressed regrets that Jonathan’s wife should challenge and disturb the authority of any elected governors. Describing this as reaching the bottom of the barrel.

There has been bloody violence in Rivers state. In video, a lawmaker who belongs also to the Vikings secret cult, as noticed by his crying confraternity calls, Evans Bipi, has been noticed to be one of the agents of Patience seen in video venting because as he complained, “how dare they insult my president.”


In related news, the River’s state governor has complained that in what appeared to be another show of dangerous intimidation, the JTF have been renoved suddenly from securing the government house, with the armored personnel carriers(APC’s).