Sammanin Fatihu: A Business Tycoon With Communal Interest, By Nafisa Ishaq


By Nafisa Ishaq,

It is very uncommon for business tycoons especially young business moguls to combine their business struggles with community services. Most often, they are swayed by their businesses and profit maximization and any communal interest especially one that affects the masses is relegated to the background.

But with Sammanin Fatihu, a business tycoon with communal interest, such definition of a typical young business man is altered by his strong conviction in serving humanity.

Born in Magashi, Gwale Local Government area of Kano State in 1976, Fatihu started his academic journey in 1980 up to 2000 and acquired several certificates both in Islamic and Western education.

A business man with bewildering entrepreneurship skills, Sammanin Fatihu has entrenched in him a culture of empowering youths by providing a conducive atmosphere to get them trained in different business engagements and remit some capital for them. His Contributions in empowering youths particularly in the face of dwindle economic down turn and rising unemployment has gone a long way in putting smiles on the faces of many who would have been unemployment or engage in political gangsters or at worst join crop of terrorists. But Sammanin Fatihu refused to be a self-centered business man, trained and integrated many youths into his businesses and defeated his self-ego to demonize by putting communal interest above his personal ones. An attitude that is lacking today especially among politicians and business men and women whose interests override that of their societies.

His hands of help are not only restricted at youth empowerment, the gentleman has contributed immensely toward uplifting his religion. Sammanin Fatihu has offered millions in building mosques, publishing religions books and articles.

The activities of this gentleman are not only housed in businesses, he is also an activist and a strong advocate of social justice and community services. This is evident from his active participation in social fora with such connotations. A Onetime patron of Northern Nigeria Students’ Forum and member education promotion committee, Fatihu has also contributed whole heartedly towards the development of social economy of Kano State in promoting peace, education and above all, his ability to humanize success to the entire citizens of the state.

Perhaps his outstanding contributions towards business, social, economic and political development is what informed the current administration of Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje to appoint the gentle man as member, education promotion committee.

His constructive advice coupled with his deep seated passion toward youth development has started yielding result. The presence of Fatihu in the committee has contributed in diversifying and making the committee more inclusive and responsive to the current realities on the ground, consequently reaching more and more youths across villages in the state.

The indefatigable Fatihu is a point of admiration, a role model and an emancipator of the down trodden poor in all ramifications.

His love for education has informed his decision to sponsor many youths across many tertiary institutions to bag different kinds of degrees. He has also contributed in sponsoring marriages, naming ceremonies, and paying hospital bills for countless number of persons in many places.

In his guest to move forward and touch the lives of the common man, Sammanin Fatihu has widen his horizon by attending several conferences and acquired so much experiences which include National Hausa Writers’ Workshop, Association of Hausa Literature in Nigeria, Stakeholders education promotion committee among several others.

His religious and business trips have taken him into several countries such as Saudi-Arabia, Egypt, India, Turkey, Dubai and Ethiopia.

As part of gratification for his selfless services to humanity, the young business man has received several honorary awards and award of excellence which time and space will not permit one to mention here, but a recollection of few will suffice.

Samanin Fatihu was awarded certificate of Appreciation by Nigeria Union of Journalist, Award of Epitome of Global Business by National Association of Nigeria Students, Merit Award by Youth Movement of Nigeria, Merit Award by Northern Tourism Journalists, and twenty five other different awards.

May the life of this icon worth emulating, continue to yield positive result on the life of the down trodden poor masses.

Nafisa Ishaq is of the Department of Mass communication, Bayero University, Kano, she can be reach at 08065914614