Saraki dynasty yet to realise why it failed, By Abdulrazaq Hamzat

By Abdulrazaq Hamzat

HarrySong, a music artist in Nigeria, once sing in a song, “after the raggea play the blues, the blues, the blues”.

The musical analogy is signifying that, after a system had outlived it’s purpose, the wise thing to do is to change style.

But it seems that the Kwara opposition has not learnt anything from this wise counsel.

This is why i am compelled to pen down this intervention as an unpaid and solicited advisory and advocacy services to the opposition party in Kwara State.

Like the music lyrics had said, after the reggae, when falsehood fails, play the blues, try truth and sincerity.

The governorship election tribunal in Kwara State, yesterday threw out the case of Hon. Razaq Atunwa, the defeated candidate of People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in 2019 governorship election, against the overwhelming victory of Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq, the otoge political general and the candidate of All Progressive Congress (APC).

The outcome of the case is not a surprise to many, because even the blind can see where it is heading from the beginning.

Surprisingly, after the tribunal made its verdict public, the opposition People Democratic Party (PDP), through its chairman, Engr. Kola Shittu stated that the court judgement is a travesty of justice.

While the state and its people are celebrating the triumph of truth over falsehood, the confused Kwara opposition are mourning their failure to entrench falsehood in place of truth.

This is the same attitude and practices that led to their historic defeat at the 2019 poll.

Recall that in March 2018, 70 youth groups, led by Kwara Must Change formed an alliance, with the sole purpose of ending the reign of the previous government of destructive overlord.

The youths at the time, said we are tired of the many lies and falsehood that have become a regular and recurring part of the defeated political hegemony.

It is important to also note that, one of the major reasons, why the people of Kwara said otoge to the former dynasty, now opposition is that, they have been too consistent in their fraudulent behaviours and have demonstrated unrivalled determination to mislead the state into eternal ditch, which is apart from the mindless looting and high level of mismanagement.

It was the combination of these atrocities that led to the down fall of the dynasty.

However, after losing the election, rather than apologize to the good people of Kwara State, cleanse and purge itself off all attributes that led to its historic failure, the dynasty, through its political party, the PDP, is still bent on showcasing itself as the legend of falsehood and misinformation.

What this means is that, the opposition has not realised where it failed. It has not realised what brought a 40 year-old dynasty down.

Let it be on the record that, when the confused opposition in Kwara State are bent on setting themselves ablaze with falsehood, we quenched the blazing fire with truth, by calling them to the genuine path, where they can seek forgiveness and start afresh. Calling them to a genuine path where falsehood and misinformation are anathema, where all the opposition party needs to do is to simply seek for penance and genuine reconciliation with the people of the state whose psyche has been brutalized: people whose destinies have been toyed with and their future callously mortgaged on the altar of wicked political exigencies.

Abdulrazaq Hamzat is the Convener of Kwara Must Change.