Saudi Arabia Decides To Start Manufacturing Military Arsenal

King Salman of Saudi


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has decoded to start manufacturing its own military equipment. The Defense Minister, young Prince Mohammad Salman Al Saud has revealed this among his 2030 vision plans.

The kingdom is the third highest military spender in the world and the plan is to establish a military industrial complex to take at least half of its military budget.

The recent turn is part of the reactions to increasing rifts between the kingdom and the US which it traditionally  depended on.

The kingdom military budget was $87.2 billion in 2015.

Recent harassment by America which is now oil independent and thus revealing concealed c=secrets about the kingdom including its alleged role in sponsoring the September 11 terror attacks have strained the relationship between Saudi Arabia and the United States, thus leading to the kingdom’s plans to become independent and also non dependent on oil revenue.