They Say Ali Modu Sheriff Is Dead

Modu Sheriff, implicated


modu sheriff arrestedThere have been just too many rumors to ignore claiming that Boko Haram linked sponsor and notorious friend of president of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan, the man popularly known as SAS – Senator Ali Modu Sheriff is dead.

The first set of rumors making the rounds for over two weeks had it that he died in a car accident. That rumor was apparently discounted as we were informed that it was someone else involved in the accident and the person himself did not actually die.

Then a new word has been spread that SAS either died or narrowly escaped death in a bomb blast. That new word is yet to be verified.

The last we heard of the notorious Boko Haram named, founding father Senator is that he was preparing to go to Biu for a campaign yesterday.

We are not sure if he was a victim or near/ an intended target of the blast that occurred in Biu Thursday which was carried out by a female suicide bomber.

It can be recalled that in January last year, a Modu Sheriff rally in Maiduguri was also marked with a bomb blast that left up to 50 dead.

Senator Ali Modu Sheriff was recently listed as one of two main sponsors of Boko Haram by Australian terror negotiator, Stephen Davis. Named alongside with him was the former Nigerian chief of army, retired General Azubuike Ihejirika, known for permitting Boko Haram flourish and aiding the transfer of weapons to the terrorists.

We cannot confirm any of the rumors, one thing for sure is many want him dead and keep celebrating his “death” at every announcement.

Political Bombings and Politician Bombers

Of note, a thug names Kadiri Rahis was a known thug for ex governor Ali Modu Sheriff, but now allegedly works for governor Kashim Settima. He is a regularly named suspect in these types of political bombings.

Mala Othman,the ANPP chair too is another terror linked politician and associate of Senator Ali Modu Sheriff who is still active in Borno state and has been caught in possession of Ak47 rifles and linked to terror in the state. People of Borno burned his house which he fled and was arrested by the JTF and taken to Abuja to safety with Goodluck Jonathan who released him back into society.

Mala Othman used to work with Kadiri before Kadiri switched sides.

Modu Sheriff rides in convoy of dozens of special forces
Modu Sheriff rides in convoy of dozens of special forces


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