See What They Did To First Lady Patience With Obama In This Picture

May 29, 2014


na only uThe Nigerian First lady, patience Jonathan jokes do not seem to be ending. We believe it is rather unfair the way people keep on picking on Nigeria’s first lady for not being able to speak proper or even above average English. When the First lady summoned the principal and teachers of the Chibok school where over 200 Nigerian girls were abducted, she made headlines with some unique grammatical constructions and vocabulary. Her exclamations of ‘Chai’, her ‘#DiaRISGODo! ‘Na only you waka come,’ ‘Prinsipal’ and ‘all these bloods they are sharing,’ have remained jokes off of which cartoons, T shirts and stand up comedies have been made.

We think this is not fair to her as not everyone must be able to speak English, however people object that she should not have summoned people above her level outside of her limitations and capacity as a conjugal partner of the President and that so doing, she opened herself to ridicule. People also ask how she, being an illiterate or semi-literate is a Bayelsa Permanent secretary and what this speaks of the education system in Bayelsa and the nation at large.

Your thoughts. Is this picture fair?