SEE The Photos Giving President Jonathan’s Family Big Trouble

Apr. 15, 2014

Olufamous-When actress Tonto Dikeh’s boyfriend, malivelihood, got a job to do some “gold” customization for the gifts to be presented to big guests at President Jonathan daughter’s wedding in Abuja, he was excited as that is how he makes his money. But he didn’t realize that such extravagant spendings is too much for a politician.

Jonathan is not a businessman. He hasn’t made any reasonable cash until he came into politics. As such, many in the country who can’t feed are angry that Nigeria’s money is being spent lavishly. People are complaining on the social media and the Presidency decided to turn the heat on Tonto Dikeh’s boyfriend.

The guy has been forced to deny that President Jonathan paid for the Gold customization. More below…

…and to save the situation, the guy has complied with the order from the Presidency!