The Signs And Descriptions Of The Irhaabiyyuun (Terrorists), Khawaarij (Extremists), Mutamarriduun (Rebels) And Insurgents

From The Signs And Descriptions Of The Khawaarij (Extremists), Irhaabiyyuun (Terrorists), Mutamarriduun (Rebels) And Insurgents

By Imam Murtada Gusau

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

All praise and thanks is for Allah, and May prayers and peace be upon the messenger of Allah (SAW).

My respected people, the Messenger of Allah (SAW) described them to us that:

  1. They are the Dogs of Hell. [Ahmad, Ibn Majah and al-Haakim recorded the Hadith from Ibn Abi Awfa, and also Ahmad and Al-Haakim recorded it from Abu Umaamah]
  2. They are the worst of people, the worst of all creatures. [Ahmad, Muslim, and Ibn Majah recorded the Hadith from Abu Dharr]
  3. The Anti-Christ (Dajjal) will emerge among them. [Ibn Majah recorded the Hadith from Ibn Umar (R.A)]
  4. They are the worst of people killed; and the best are those whom they kill. [Ibn Majah recorded the Hadith from Abu Umaamah]
  5. Their distinguishing signs on the day of Nahrawaan are that, (they will say) they are fighting for social justice, equality, equity, fairness, liberty and freedom from the tyranny of authority. [al-Bukhari and Muslim both recorded the hadith from Abu Sa’id al-Khudri (R.A)]
  6. They murder the people of Islam (i.e. Muslims) and ignore the people of Idol-worship. [al-Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Daawud and al-Nasaa’i all recorded the Hadith from Abuu Sa’id al-Khudri (R.A)]
  7. Among their sign is their Shaven heads. [Imam Ahmad, al-Bukhari and Muslim recorded the Hadith from Sahl Ibn Hanif]
  8. They recite the Qur’an but with only their tongues. [al-Tabaraani recorded the Hadith from ‘Uqbah Ibn Aamir from Sahl Ibn Hanif]
  9. They are mostly people of talk, but not acting according to the teachings of Islam. [Abuu Daawud and al-Haakim recorded the Hadith narrated by both Abuu Sa’id and Anas]
  10. Their Religious actions and their (wrong) love for the religion amaze some people. [al-Bukhari, Muslim, and Ibn Majah recorded the Hadith from Abuu Sa’id al-Khudri (R.A)]
  11. They are the Maariquun (i.e. they will leave the religion and they pass right through the religion). [al-Bazzar recorded the Hadith, as did Ibn Abi ‘Aasim in “Kitaab al-Sunnah” from Ali Ibn Abi Taalib (R.A)]
  12. The closer of the two parties to the truth will defeat them (i.e. the party of ‘Ali and that of Mu’awiyyah). [Muslim and Abuu Daawud recorded the Hadith from Abuu Sa’id al-Khudri (R.A)]
  13. The encouragement of Allah’s messenger (S.A.W) to fight and defeat them and the reward for doing so. [al-Bukhari, Muslim and Abuu Daawud recorded the Hadith from Ali (R.A)]
  14. They consider their rebellion and acts of terrorism to be a Jihad and a form of migration for the sake of Allah. [Ahmad recorded the narration as did Ibn Abi ‘Aasim recorded in “Kitaab al-Sunnah”)]
  15. How ‘Ali (R.A)’s attempt to return them to the truth before fighting them. [Ibn Jarir recorded it in his “al-Taarikhfrom Isma’il Ibn Sami’ al-Hanafi from Abuu Zarir)
  16. Their Fitnah to Islam and Muslims are worse than that of Jews and Christians. And they are the worst of all creations according to Shaykhul Islam Ibn Taimiyyah and Imam Ibn Katheer. [ Minhaajus-Sunnah an-Nabawiyyah and al-Bidaayatu Wan-Nihaayah]
  17. Historically, these people use to conspire with the enemies of Islam and Muslims to wreak havoc with the intent of destroying Islam and Muslims.   

[Sharru Qatlaa Tahta Adimis-Samaa’, by Sheikh Bazmool Page 57]

My respected people,

With all the hadiths of the prophet Muhammad (SAW) that described these people to us, why we still believing in the conspiracy theories that, the government or the oppositions were responsible or behind what is happening in Nigeria? Are we to continue in these ways but the terrorists are always killing innocent people just like that? Even yesterday night wallahi these people attacked and killed Sheikh Adam Aliyu Musa Hassan (Abu Bassam) in his house at Tishama Area bypass Kano. He is Alaramma (i.e. Haafiz/Memorizer of the whole Noble Qur’an), a former student of Islamic university Madina, Kulliyatul Qur’anil Kareem. A teacher at the Islamic legal Studies Ringim Jigawa state and also Hanan International School Kano. He is also the deputy Imam (Na’ibi) in Ahmad Bin Taimiyyah Jumu’at Mosque Kurosha Sauna area. His Janaza (Funeral Prayer) took placed today at 1:00PM at his house situated at Tishama bye pass Hotoron Arewa Kano.

I ask Allah (SWT) in His infinite mercy to forgive him his shortcomings and failings. And may he (SWT) make Aljannah Firdausi to be his last Abode ameen. And I ask Allah (SWT) to destroy the Terrorists and all their supporters, sponsors, and collaborators. I also ask Allah the Mighty, the Lord of the Mighty Throne to kill them like the killing of Aad, Thamuud and Fir’awn, yaa Allah, yaa Rahman, yaa Rahim, yaa Dhal-Jalaali wal-Ikraam. Yaa Allah! Snatch and hold them, “AKHAZA AZEEZIN MUQTADIR”


Written by Your Brother,

Imam Murtada Muhammad Gusau