Solidarity Message To Sovereign National Party, Patriotic Nigerian Youth

Jan. 19, 2013


With the present political consciousness in the largest and most populated nation in black Africa and the increased participation by all and sundry in the affairs of the country, the formation, proclamation and the emergence of the Sovereign National Party (SNP) on the political terrain is not only timely and overdue, but an act of God.  The intervention, to say the least is most welcomed.

In recognition of this patriotic initiative by the promoters of SNP, at a time when the country is approaching the Centenary celebration of the 1914 Amalgamation of the Southern and Northern Protectorates to become a nation of pride, I am wholeheartedly expressing my solidarity and support for the aims, vision, goals, aspirations and the mission of the new political party in our fatherland.

I am extremely overwhelmed and convinced, beyond any iota of doubt, that the Sovereign National Party initiative will be sown on the nation’s fertile soil in the no distant future as it will be widely acknowledged by opinion leaders and stakeholders across the globe.

The pursuit of grassroots oriented goals as demonstrated and amplified by the Sovereign National Party is a challenge that must be embraced by all who are genuinely concerned about the present degeneration of the country in both national and global levels.

The fact, is that the proclamation and prosecution of heroic deeds culminating in the formation and formal launching of the Sovereign National Party deserve the support of every single Nigerian youth and the full involvement of our women.

The Sovereign National Party is emerging in the nation’s political history at a time patriots need to wake up to challenge and change the ugly tides of our socio-economic and political landscape.

As we resolve to remain committed to the actualization of this project, we all should be prepared to work extra hours to stave off any unforeseen hindrances to the actualization of our set goals.  Nigerian youth must collectively determine to espouse the political and socio-economic mandate of SNP in order to control and win political power at all levels of governance for the promotion and realization of the overall aspirations of the Nigerian downtrodden masses because the will of the people is the will of God.  The will of the people must therefore prevail NOW and FOREVER.

As a Nigerian who is deeply concerned with the plight of the suffering masses, especially the youth and womenfolk, my clarion call, is that the deprived and desolate Nigerians (youth and women) who believe in positive change and genuine development should begin to talk, act, mobilize, form groups, associations, cells, contacts and chains of solidarity as a support to positively put in proper perspective the goals and mission of the Sovereign National Party.

This has become imperative because Nigerian youth and women need to take their destiny in their own hands in order to recapture the essence of our nation’s glorious past.

The over sixty percent (60%) of the Nigerian population which constitute mainly the youths have the capacity to challenge the status quo and change the tide of the ugly Nigerian situation to bring our nation back on the path of sanity and positive re-transformation.

Until the political power of the country is politically transferred to the downtrodden and the depressed, there cannot be absolute peace and national development.

We must therefore talk.  We must organize.  We must act.  We must synergise because A CLOSED MOUTH IS A CLOSED DESTINY.

All hands must be on deck to improve the well-being of the suffering masses of our great country.  Our case is urgent.  The cause of the Sovereign National Party is urgent and unique.  SNP has a date and mandate with destiny.  It therefore demands urgent intervention and action.

The urgency of the SNP mission is of paramount importance to the present and future generation of Nigerian youths and the suffering masses. The SNP is more than a mere political party, it is a movement, an African revival movement.

We have no other choice than to stand up from our present shackles of despair, desolation and backwardness and become committed to the program of the Sovereign National Party.  It’s a clarion national call to service.

Welcome to a new era of Sovereign Nationalism, an era of sovereign re-orientation.  An era of socio-economic and political emancipation of Nigeria from oppression and retrogression.  This is our time.

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