Foreign Terrorists Arrive in Kaduna Ahead of Nigerian Mali Bound Troops

Jan. 20, 2013

NewsRescue- Boko Haram terrorists have reportedly arrived in Kaduna ahead of the arrival of Nigeria’s Mali bound troops. Suspected Boko Haram terrorists ambushed the troops’ convoy in Okene yesterday, successfully killing two Nigerian soldiers and injuring  four others, before escaping into the bushes.

The attack was carried out with IED’s planted in the road in a valley and followed up with gun spray by the Boko Haram members who were positioned atop a rock, according to reports. The IED had luckily missed the first bus, exploding on the second bus in the convoy, thus limiting casualties.

According to eyewitness narration, bombs were flying as other cars in the convoy dodged the attack. The convoy had been divided into two. Boko Haram had caught wind of the divided convoy, and laid in ambush for the second convoy which they attacked.

Okene is location of Boko Haram bomb factories, of which ten were destroyed, but security forces have yet been unable to find about two other factories said to be in the area.

Boko Haram press release:

All praise be to almighty Allah the helper of less privileged once, praise and blesses of Allah be upon his messenger the trustworthy,

After that: We JAMA’ATU ANSARUL MUSLIMINA FI BILADIS-SUDAN are gladly informing the general public, especially those in the black Africa, that today being 19th days of Jan, 2013 by 60:00 am at itape arena ekehi local government kogi State Nigeria, with the aid and guidance of Allah we have successfully execute our first attempt in griping the Nigerian army troops that were aim to demolish the Islamic empire of Mali.

We are equipped and waiting for any slightest attempt of Nigerian army, moving towards the Islamic empire of Mali.

And we are warning the African countries to confiscate their effort for helping western countries in fighting against Islam and Muslim, if not we are Stanly assuring them, particularly Nigerian government to be prepare and be at utmost ready for facing difficulties from JAMBS any where any time, may Allah help us and grant our wishes. -Desert Herald publication

NewsRescue sources indicated that the arrival of Boko Haram members in Kaduna may be related to the Nigerian troops who are scheduled to spend some time in Kaduna in preparation for joining the French led assault in Northern Mali. Boko Haram, the North eastern Nigeria based, predominantly Kanuri terrorist cult who receive training and support via alliances with these foreign terrorists are believed to be working with them in Nigeria.

More on the story from SaharaReporters:

As suspected terrorists of the Boko Haram sect killed two policemen in Kaduna city last night, several other terrorists were also sneaking into the country had invaded the State, ready to carry out spontaneous attacks and bombings, a top security official has told SaharaReporters.

Last night’s attack occurred at about 9pm at Rafin Guza-Kawo Junction in Kaduna North local government area, when the suspected Boko Haram operatives who were on a motorbike opened fire on the cops, killing two.  A lady was also hit in the cross fire.

The official confirmed that the State Security Service, as well as military and police formations in Kaduna State, had received intelligence concerning the arrival of the terrorists and their motive to carry out bombings.

“I can confirm to you that we are in receipt of intelligence that Boko Haram terrorists have entered Kaduna and ready to commence operations.  Last night attack is a pointer to the fact and we will not reveal our strategies, rather [we are] on red alert too to contain them.”

He added that the confessions of the sect members currently under interrogation in Abuja are another indication that cannot be taken for granted.  One has confessed that in Kaduna town they have spies that are working as commercial motorcycle operators and orange sellers, while others pose as scavengers.
It would be recalled that on Thursday, the Chief of Army Staff in Nigeria, Lt. Gen. Onyeabo Azubuike Ihejirika, first disclosed that terrorists had arrived in Nigeria from Mali.

Addressing troops heading to the troubled West African nation, General Ihejirika said, “We have evidence that some of the terrorists operating in Nigeria today were trained in Mali.  As at yesterday we were aware of the influx of some terrorists trained in Mali into the country. So Nigeria will be not only be supporting resolution of the international community, but also enhance its own security and its immediate neighbors.” – SaharaReporters