Sultan: What is Hapening in North Nigeria, Maybe Almighty Allah Wants to Correct Our ways

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June 30, 2013

The Sultan, who spoke at the opening of a conference of Ulamas organised by the JNI on promoting peace and unity in Nigeria, condemned the perception of some well-placed Nigerians that Muslims and Islam were always against the search for peace and development of the nation.

Abubakar noted: “The main aim of our coming together today is to unite our brothers and sisters, especially the Ulamas. There will be peace, and if there is peace, there will be development and progress in our country and there will be total security in Nigeria.

“And if there is security, definitely, there will be development. What is happening in the northern part of the country is an unfortunate incident… maybe the Almighty Allah wants to correct our ways.

“I believe it is high time all of us came together and discussed those things that have been pestering our lives as Muslims in this country.”

The Sultan admonished all Muslims to unite under one umbrella in order to achieve their aspiration under one Nigeria.

“We are very aware just like any other people across the world of the challenges facing us as Muslims, not only in Nigeria; we believe somebody somewhere is pulling the string. We are begging Allah for constant prayers from all of you…” , he said.

In a paper delivered by an Islamic scholar, Prof. Shehu Galandaci, he said that the lack of concern for sound Islamic preaching by Ulamas had been the major problem that had heightened the problem of insecurity.

Galandaci urged all Ulamas to embrace sound Islamic doctrine that would help in returning the country to peace, unity and progress.

In his own address, the Governor of Kaduna State, Alhaji Mukhtar Ramallan Yero, also argued that Muslim scholars had a role to play if the country must reverse the unjustifiable animosity between Muslims and the other adherents of other faiths in the country.

He said: “To bring lasting peace and unity to Nigeria, Muslim scholars must commit themselves to preaching peace to the people…and they must do this by relating harmoniously with Christians.”