Those Who Support This Killer Government Have Sold Their Souls To The Devil – Elvis Iyorngurum

Praying for Nigeria's president Goodluck Jonathan, described as clueless

by Elvis Iyorngurum

After days of insisting there’s a cease fire agreement with Boko Haram, the FG now says it is not true, there is no agreement on the release of the chibok girls and a cease fire.

They said further that they never announced a cease fire, and that the announcement they made was misunderstood! I am so short of words!!

Is it the APC that lied about the cease fire and the release of the girls?

Is it the opposition and northern Muslims who do not want a Christian minority from the south to rule that brought up these lies?

I am sorry for those who believe this government. I am sorry for those that have fallen victim to the demonic manipulations of the mallams and babalawos they import from all over the world to bury children and perform occultic rituals that will tie the minds of the people.

Those who continue to defend the government, whose souls have been tied and enslaved to feel only sympathy for the government no matter how brazen the evil they perpetrate.

I am sorry for them and my prayer henceforth for this nation is that the spirit of God and the truth will intervene and set such people free. These people have sold their souls to the devil and submitted our lives and future to him after tying the hearts of the people through occultic manipulations.

That makes them so confident to act in the most bizzare and hard to comprehend manner. Yet the people just stay docile, like mumu. They wait to be killed and even when they’re being slaughtered, they feel only sympathy for the man. They say eyaa he is trying and when you ask them what exactly he is doing, they can’t point a finger to any achievement.

Until the scale falls off the eyes of Nigerians, we will continue to suffer this demonic enslavement, tolerate the government and submit to its manipulations. I am sorry for those whose hearts we have lost.

The most shocking of it all is the manner people react to you when they perceive you to be an opponent of the government. Their anger is often so raw that you wonder if there isn’t something more to it. What is their gain from the government? Nothing!

They can’t argue and prove that what you’re saying is not the truth, yet they feel angry and you know that this one is zombie. Everything about this insurgency points towards the government.

The President has not come out for once to address the nation, to inspire Nigerians and boost the morale of our soldiers in the battlefront. Mubi went down with all the arms we have procured to fight the terrorists, military tanks, guns and ammunition that they can use to fight us for a whole year; they have in their stock, money from the vaults of banks in the town, food from the market, hundreds of cars to move about and also use for suicide attacks and so much to cause hell for the rest of Nigeria. And our president casually went to pick his nomination form, instead of addressing the emergency.

Yesterday they took over Ashaka town with the famous Ashaka Cement and other towns in Gombe state and today the man has gone to Burkina Faso to mediate in the political crisis in that country!!! In God’s name, is this man normal? Are we a normal people that we’re keeping quiet and waiting to be consumed?

The evil is coming gradually and I tell you, it is closer than you can imagine. We must rise and stem it before it consumes us! Where do you as a person stand? Are you among those who will never act because the demons have tied your will power and enslaved you OR do you still have control over your spirit, your mind and reasoning ability?

Can you stand up for what is right OR are you too weakened by fear, too much of a zombie to stand up and demand for the truth and an end to this reign of evil?

Where do you honestly think you belong?

Make that choice to either stand for the truth or perish with the falsehood. –‪#‎TheTruthSeekers‬‪#‎WeAreRisingToTheOccasion‬

Elvis Iyorngurum
[email protected]

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