Elvis Iyorngurum Receives Death Threats For Viral Article On Evacuation of CDS Badeh’s Family From Mubi


I wrote an article a few days ago titled A LESSON FOR ALL NIGERIANS which went viral and found a lot of support from Nigerians across religious and ethnic lines. The messages of commendation from patriotic and truth-loving Nigerians whose minds I spoke in the article are still flooding in.

I have started receiving threats to my life, which I suspect is from some person who misunderstood the import of my article. This is not a surprise because we are in very trying times in the history of our country and at moments like this, the truth is usually the first casualty of interests that feel threatened by its mere mention. A particular message sent to my inbox on Facebook says in part that, “Don’t worry your cup will soon full bkos the intelligence service monitors you” and the sender who has no personal information or photograph also accused me of staying abroad and collecting ‘peanuts’ to destroy my country.

I am aware of a statement credited to the Defence Headquarters which denies that any helicopter evacuated the CDS’ family and states that “..the helicopter that went to Mubi was on operational mission to reinforce the ground troops in preparation of efforts to repel the attack.” It further accuses my article of being a threat to national security.

I wish to state that in all my doings, I have no intention other than the best interest of my country and as a patriotic citizen, I am committed to saying only the truth and helping my country overcome its present security and social challenges. My article found so much appeal with Nigerians across partisan, ethnic, tribal and religious divides, because of its merits. It united Nigerians and if anything, it is a boost for the security of the nation as against the position of DHQ.

I do not know the intentions of those sending me threat messages and the strange numbers that have been calling my phone, but I remain steadfast as I know that my security is in the hands of God Almighty. I will always stand by the truth and will not be intimidated.

Elvis Iyorngurum
[email protected]