In Synchced Air-Land Strike, Chad Claims Nigeria’s Malumfatori From Boko Without Allowing Any Terrorists Escape

Idriss Deby accused of being behind Boko Haram

Chad Reclaims Borno Town From Boko Haram

Malumfatori, the headquarters of Abadam local government of Borno State earlier seized by Boko Haram terrorists, was yesterday reclaimed by the Chadian military, witnesses and security sources said.

The Chadian military yesterday demonstrated rare gallantry when its air force launched a major aerial campaign over Malumfatori, dropping several bombs in major spots occupied by the insurgents.

A resident of a village near Malumfatori, Abari Modu, said thick smoke bellowed over the deserted border and Boko Haram terrorists ran helter skelter as the Chadian fighter plane continued bombarding and decimating them.

“The fighter jet started shelling and bombarding the insurgents who were lodged mostly inside the local government secretariat and district head’s palace,” said Modu who spoke on phone from a village in Chad.

He added that many members of Boko Haram died as the Chadian soldiers ensured that they did not escape through the bushes.

“Honestly, the operation was well-coordinated because the soldiers on the ground gave the fighter jet a chance to bombard while they tackled the terrorists that were fleeing,” he said.

A Nigerian soldier in Maiduguri confirmed the incident to LEADERSHIP Friday.

“Many buildings, including the local government secretariat and district head’s palace in Malumfatori were bombed by the Chadian air force jet,” said the soldier who spoke under strict condition of anonymity.

“The Chadian forces may be proactively reacting to the recent threat issued to their government by the Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau, who warned the country alongside the government of Niger and Cameroon that he may soon be taking attacks to them if they don’t stay off his business in Nigeria. The forces had the backing of their government; that was why they took the fight up to them, even in the shores of Nigeria,” he added.

Malumfatori town and environs came under the conquest of the Boko Haram terrorists in the last week of October last year when they sent many residents fleeing across the Chadian borders.