Take Back 1993: The Recovery Of Nigeria’s Hijacked Revolution

Babangida introduced the second tier system in 1986

Oct. 14, 2013

NewsRescue- Will you leave your pearls with a thief believing he has changed? Will you wait and hope that a thief you leave your pearls with will change? Will you write and protest that a thief you leave your pearls with changes? How about leaving your pearls with a thief who does not even understand what stealing is, or what it is to change? Or will you remove your pearls and find an honest and competent man to put them in care of?

I ask these questions in review of the pressing and dragging situation in Nigeria, Africa’s largest and one the of the continents wealthiest nations. Is there any sense in all we say and write, drumming for a change in attitude and an eruption of efficiency, decency and honesty from the proven inept in power? Or is it time the 159,995,000 Nigerians commence on the serious journey of taking their nation and revolution back from the corrupt Cabal that hijacked it and entrusting it in the hands of a real transformation committee?

Some faithless say we do not have it in us to move this change. Others say we are too diversified and at war with each other, thanks to the mischief of the Cabal, to work together to take back our country. They say we are not like the Arabs. May I remind us that before the Arab Spring, Nigeria first sprung. Nigerians marched together, civilians and the army, who showed us their support as we protested; and on August 26th, 1993, one of the harshest dictatorial regimes in recent global history, the Babangida Military government “stepped aside.”

We did it. We were committed. We were united. We were determined and with God on our side, we the multitude were successful.

Unfortunately, what we fought, bled and died for in 1993 was quickly hijacked from us. First by Abacha and later by the Cabal. Our victory was short-lived, partly because we—as is with many other revolutions—did not realize that ousting one bad government was not the end of our campaign, but the beginning of our responsibility to actively be a part of carefully securing our future. The Greeks coined the word, “Idiot,” for this. An Idiot “Idiotes” referred to a “private citizen,” someone who does not actively take part in government and issues that govern him. We sat back believing simply that “democracy” was the answer. An ordinary vocabulary with no head or brain. We did not realize that democracy is only as useful as the people we put at the helm and the system we apply. For one thing, as I and others have previously presented, the Presidential system is too divisive and holds less promise as compared to the Parliamentary system. For another, we all sat back and let those who did not join us in the fight against the Babangida administration, come out of the shadows and seize our victory. Fela sings, “where did these emerge from that they don’t have ropes on their necks?

Where did all these Cabal come from? Out of which corner did Army General Obasanjo (rtd) re-emerge? How did we let Lieutenant General Aliyu Gusau (rtd) bring him back? How did we let the same General Gusau from the Babangida administration we had just ejected, douse an Agbada and become the head of our National security? Is this not why we were “blessed” with MEND, Boko Haram, Ombatse and the like? How did we let Major General David Mark (rtd), aka, ‘telephones are not for poor people,’ from the Babangida administration, remove his military fatigues and become our Senate president? How again did we let Colonel Sambo Dasuki (rtd), another Babangida henchman replace Gen. Gusau also as our head of Security?

Tukur, Yar’Adua, Jang, Elechi, Nyako… The list of the retired military and political recycles is ridiculous. A strong piece someone wrote in which he called Nigeria the world recycle capital, presents numerous unbelievable cases. And beside those in power stand their Camarilla of thieving Cabal. Our president has conceded that he is obliged and subservient to the goons. Good luck helped us get rid of Abacha, but as Good luck cannot solve this, shall we not once again step-up to recover 1993? Can we the people do better if we decide to take back our nation? Will we again fall into the hands of these same vultures who have widened the gap between the rich and poor and make life so unbearable for the masses? Will we do better with privatization, and with education?

I say we can. It will not be easy, it will not be immediate, but rather than leaving our pearls with those who we hope but know lack the ability to ever change, we the people will give what is left of our pearls the possibility to shine, bring us value and be recognized in the global scene.

I do not have all the answers to the way we shall restructure our government and nation. Thank God, there are so many brilliant Nigerians locked out of the current runnings of things who will all come forward and structure a new plan for our nation. A head to the new “democracy.” Together we will decide for instance on returning to a more reliable and less divisive parliamentary system. We will decide if and how to reconstitute the entity called Nigeria with the protection of life and the paving of a path for progress at the top of our concern.

We can select a group, a transformational committee from respected Nigerians. Those who led the past revolution and this one, the fore speakers, the professors, the preachers, the media activists, those we know in our communities who have a proven track record of competence, efficiency and decency. Unlike our past experience where we brought the worst of us, this time, we will bring the best of us together to make a transforming committee of say, 500 or 1000 Nigerians. A think-tank, who will immediately confer and determine what our new government will look like. Who will decide how to strengthen our judiciary. Who will I believe and hope, decide to ban private money in politics, so the Cabal can NEVER again buy victories for their cronies. On privatization, if this group deems it necessary, perhaps we can have a public conglomeration in which millions of Nigerians will be allowed to invest a maximum of N10,000, all as equal share-holders, and in an open management, thanks to the tools of internet communication, all will be a part of running this conglomeration that will be rich enough to buy our public assets. Such a system will also facilitate for instance, our collective protection of PHCN infrastructure in our communities, being shareholders. These are all ideas our council will consider and configure.

Reading a piece written by Sonala Olumhense, he buttressed a belief we have all held—that at this point in time, Nigeria does not need money, machines, car industries, satellites in space. What Nigeria needs right now and needs urgently is JUSTICE. This transformational council of our top representatives can ensure that a system of top to bottom justice can be implemented to curb impunity at the top and bring an end to the impetus for all forms of criminality, terrorism, kidnapping at the bottom.

This “Electoral college,” “Supreme Council,” “Vizier” team, or “Council of Elders” like we had in Africa of yore, can support and establish a permanent system of governance that will transform our nation into the Nigeria of our dreams.

So knowing that we have done it before; in our chronic state of critical crises the question is, will do 1993 again? Or will we continue to die, while the Cabal rob our nation dry, transfer all our assets to themselves, steal our hopes and future and force us into slave labor and death in painful, agonizing humiliation?

Shall we the masses who hold all the power, continue to be threatened by these wicked and insensitive, gluttonous people and do nothing? Must we not have and be able to use some leverage?

Let’s talk to each other about taking back Nigeria. Tell people the dream and the will of 1993, to take back 1993. A hashtag? A gathering? Will those who know how lead the way, or na to dey whine dey go?

Take Back 1993!

Dr. Peregrino Brimah
http://ENDS.ng [Every Nigerian Do Something]
Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian