“The Centers!” Get ready For a Future Without Offices

Ready for the Future – No Offices!

A lecture delivered at the World Wealth Society Conference in New York, Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

Converted from transcript of recorded speech by Mr. Enthusiasm,

People always ask me- what will the future be like? Can you tell us something about the future? Do you get that question too, Mr Optimism? Only me.. okay, only me. So at this point I’ll have to er.. state my disclaimer: Only God can tell you what the future would be but what I’m going to talk about is, where we are headed, the way we are going. Everything I say here today can only be used as advice.

The Center

OK, let’s get right to it. The Centers. What are the Centers? If you’re thinking about the future, you need to get ready for the Centers. The world the way you know it is drastically changing. And these changes have already begun setting in place a new lifestyle for Humanity. You just might not have noticed it.  So yes, what are the Centers? Everything you know about everything you do, all your transactions, most of the things you engage in, your interactions on a daily basis are all going to be limited to the Centers.

Think about this world as people living in complexes. In the future we will live in communal complexes. Okay so you have a building complex or complex of houses in a neighborhood and then you have the center.

What is the center? The center is where you will get to do most of your activities that you go to offices for now. Your hospital is now in the center. Your bank is now in the center. Your Pharmacy now the center. Everything you do is now the center. Dry cleaning is still at the same center office. One building that will be used for all your engagements, but the most interesting thing about the center is the fact that the center requires minimal staffing so you can have a community of a thousand people and the center would only have one or two operatives. Haha you’re thinking about jobs? There’s no more offices, in the future all jobs are lost. Think about it, right now you have so many people used to work and commute to Wall Street who now work from home.  And as time goes on with advanced social technology media, powerful high-speed, multifunction computer gadgets your Android, that communication, as time goes on more people will work from home the office has become redundant.

Now we are in a College Hall right now and you guys come to college to study. You travel to come to college to listen to your professors . That would not happen in the future, because when you come to college, the only thing you come to do is to see your professors face, which can be done online. Think of the redundancy there, the waste. Hours spent commuting. Now convert that into study time. You’ll see how these things work. You might also have noticed lots of employers prefer online degrees to physical accomplished degrees. Online institutions are catching up, taking over, so in the future what do you think would make you still need to go to college? Practicals right? Practicals, – you would have these available at the center, so when you want to look at specimens, when you want to do things that involve physical aspects of your studies, you will go to the center. You don’t have to go together to the center, you book ahead. Groups of students will book periods… so you can book 4 am sessions, you could book the 6 or 8 o’clock session, you could arrange for the 10 o’clock session. You could even took a midnight session. Can you imagine what that means? Your practical, dissecting your pigs in the middle of the night?

World Wealth Society
World Wealth Society

Operators of the Center

So you book sessions and you could go in groups and you go to the center and have an operator who is versed in dissection. Let’s talk a little bit about the operator of the center. Who are these guys? These are people who are versed in multiple disciplines, probably physical therapists who have some financial degree has some business education, pretty much. Somebody who has that configured and also they will need to have IT experience. Those qualifications could be a typical center operative.

What do you guys still do in the banks? Virtually nothing, all your banking transactions are done at the ATM. You only walk into the bank to sign your signature card. When you open an account, you might have noticed that nowadays you open an online account and you promise the bank that you’re not going to walk into the branch, it is cheaper, the extra fees the bank charge for running your account are for what they use to pay the staff at branches. They’re trying to push you to stop coming to the bank. The very few things you need to do at the bank, show ID, when they need to look at your face and you want to sign your signature card, that will be taken care of at the center. The rest is done on phone and on the computer, there you already do all your transactions. They mail you your cards, you want to get a temporary card, you go to the center, he has one machine that prints your bank card, the same machine prints your laundromat card the same machine prints ID cards, drivers licenses, whatever you want, the machine is configured print it for you. He takes care of that when you go to the center.

You want to have a medical check up. Doctors are getting redundant. Your visits to the doctor are getting redundant. When you want to have a medical checkup, you go to the center. He’s a physical therapist, he examines you, he tells the doctor the physical findings the doctor sends your prescription. You pick it up at the center. No I’m not going as far as describing the center has a machine that can combine chemicals and generate all types of medication, let’s hold on with that. Visits to the doctor are rarely done except when you need surgery, so surgical centers would still work and that’s before telemedicine takes over and he can put you on a bench in the center and wire you up to machines and a doctor somewhere else can operate on you via telemedicine and telesurgery. But for now let’s assume surgical center still exist, but the regular visits to your family doctor your internalist, those you go to the center and he communicates with the doctor, the operator runs your tests and a machine transmits your results to the doctor and the doctor sends the diagnosis to you and that’s before doctors get replaced gradually by computers.

They have been running tests, finding out that machines are more likely to predict, in getting diagnosis with higher diagnostic accuracy and reproducibility than physicians when tested over time, so if you have a set of clinical conditions and you give it to 50 different doctors and they come up with different diagnosis, and then you take the same set of conditions to machine, the machine gives a more perfect diagnosis that doctors.

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Ahead of the curve

So when you wish to advise your children on what to be, what to prepare for, they should be this man, this operative, who is well versed in so many different skills. Think grubhub, restaurant food delivered. Think dynamic ambiance, dynamic food restaurants. It’s all possible. Think grubhub delivers all types of food from all stores, then think grubhub later makes all the foods in its store. That’s the story of amazon. It’s changing so fast, world wealth society teaches you to judge and be ahead of the curve… you know I have to add that promo.

OK, we can’t talk about he future without talking about what’s going to be left of the life we now know and love. The things that are  going to be left are …women love to try on clothes,  so you have some stores where they can shop and try clothes on. I’m not talking about trying sizes, because they could have some things you put on to try your size but, to try clothes on, women still want to shop they want to see their clothes, so let’s leave shopping for women. We will still see dining, so if you want to invest if you want to be a director/manager of a restaurant, multi-food processing restaurant. Advice your children what to do about the future of make sure that they have the knowledge, make sure they have the technical skills so they can plug in an electronic world, a Google world, think about stuff like designing, manufacturing, cause we still need manufacturing, so think about manufacturing – being the producer not being a factory worker in the middle of the chain, because machines take over, but if you want to be a producer at the top of the factoring. Think about farming, you want to be the one who makes the food, runs a restaurant, that would be okay. And then stay with medicine, but try to be versed in electronic and technology medicine, stay ahead of the curve. genetic diagnostics, predictive diagnosis, Bioinformaticcs, tailoring pills based on genes and per person. Be at the top of this, so you might be able to plug in… and try to be diversified, have some degrees in different things who knows you might be the operator or you might be the one going to set up these operating centers.

Okay, I know my time has run up. Thank you

You are a wonderful audience

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