The Evil Spirits that Keep Nigeria in Darkness

Dec. 9, 2012

by Olagunju Ayobode

In July when I wrote that the near-constant light we had was not as a result of any planning but mere happenstance, so many people said the light had come to stay on 24/7, but now we have gone back to our usual and perpetual darkness. I think the issue of power supply is now a jinx that remains to be broken by any govt. OBASANJO spent $16billion dollars to buy us very thick darkness from 2005 –

2007 with nothing to show for it. What manner of people are we Nigerians? If 150million live in pure darkness in spite of all the resources we have and have spent on power, we are actually jinxed. Let God arise and scatter the evil spirits of darkness that have enveloped us for all time. A minister said evil spirits are responsible for our perpetual darkness, I say yes but the difference is that those evil spirits are human and live in Asokoro, Gwarinpa, VGC, Ikoyi, Kano, Ibadan, Kaduna and other highbrow towns. The names of the evil spirits are Obasanjo, Jonathan, Dangote, Otedola, Adenuga, Dimeji Bankole, David Mark, Farouk ‘my brother’ Lawan, some of the govs and a host of other human evil spirits, may God deliver us but I am still living without electric power in my house. As we say in our churches, it is well! Good morning. on FaceBook