The President Saves the Senate Wastes: Why Our Economy is Down @9jaclicktivist

According to BudgIT, Nigerian are unware of how their monies goes down the path of wastage. While Nigerian workers suffers unpaid salaries and arrears, the Nigerian senate enjoys allowances of all sort.

BudgIT just confirmed that the Nigerian senate, our current 8th NASS members under the leadership of Sen Bukola Saraki had spent a whopping N13Bn in 3 months of siting! While having worked for~ 15 days only! They went on recess for ~ 12 weeks yet 109 senators got ~N36.4m each; 360 Reps shared ~N25m each with a total amount of~ N13bn yet no Bills have been Passed till date and no service has been rendered to the nation.

Senators share this jumbo allocation amidst tight economic condition across the nation. This is what happens when most communities across the nation vote looters and corrupt men into NASS.

Demonstrating their lack of concern with what is going on in the nation, the senate keeps mute as workers are yet to receive their salaries for up to 6 months in some states; pensioners are no go area in this case.


Unlike the senate, the presidency had ordered reduction in its salary up to 50%, had stopped sponsoring people on Pilgrimage and tourism, has obtained bail out funds for workers.

But the diverting spirit in the senate and the devourers among the governors have hijacked these monies for their personal use while workers suffer.

The senate of just 469 people share 26% of our National Budget; a budget for over 160 million people.

Nigeria can do without all this spending by the senate. The nation has survived 3 months without a bill at least.

Without a gainsay, Nigeria’s senate do not care about the economy; they are even planning to collapse it.

As the president saves the senate wastes! How can this nation move forward?

Micheal Adeniyi