Tinubu Facing Perjury Allegations on Work Record Submitted to INEC

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Deloitte, a US consulting firm, has stated that All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate Bola Tinubu has never worked for the firm, let alone been paid $1.8 million in salaries and bonuses.

Deloitte’s response was contained in a response to a subpoena ordering it to provide Tinubu’s bonus history with the organization, with the comment becoming the latest controversy surrounding Tinubu’s links with drugs trafficking and court cases in the United States in the 1990s.

Tish Negron, Senior Legal Specialist, signed the company’s response, which was quoted in a report by investigative journalist David Hundeyin and published in West African Weekly.

“Bola Ahmed Tinubu claims he earned $1.8 million in salaries and bonuses while working as a consultant at Deloitte USA.”

“So we subpoenaed Deloitte USA for evidence of Tinubu’s employment and staff payment records, and this is what we got,” Hundeyin wrote on Monday.

Deloitte’s letter, dated September 20, 2022, began, “Dear Mr Kowals, we received a subpoena on September 16, 2022, seeking employment records for Bola Tinubu, SSN…. Please be advised that we do not have a record of Bola Tinubu in our systems, and thus no employment records for them.”

It was reported last week that Tinubu was indicted for drug dealing and money laundering in 1993, according to certified judgment documents released by a US court in Chicago.

The certified US court judgment documents had surfaced, revealing that the former Lagos State governor was indicted by a US District Court for drug dealing and money laundering.

According to the certified court documents, Tinubu was a drug lord who voluntarily agreed to forfeit his assets to American authorities in 1993 rather than face trial.

In response to the documents’ circulation, the APC presidential campaign’s spokesman, Bayo Onanuga, described the documents as a “campaign of calumny,” adding that the “Muckrakers are back in business.”

Tinubu’s health has also been the subject of controversy, with several reports by SaharaReporters exposing the APC candidate’s health battles.

Tinubu was reported to have returned to Nigeria in October after a 12-day trip to the United Kingdom.

According to reports, the former Lagos State governor left the country on September 24 for a medical trip to the United Kingdom.

According to the West Africa Weekly report, “A US District Court would seem an odd place to begin this story, but this is no ordinary story.” The main character in this story is a person whose entire existence is as perplexing as it is loud and public. Bola Ahmed Tinubu has been at or near the cutting edge of Nigerian politics for at least 30 years, but a peek beneath the surface reveals how little is actually known about the man some say is Nigeria’s president-in-waiting.

“First and foremost, there is the age debate. What exactly is the man’s age? What is his true birthday? The short answer is that no one knows. He, like many Nigerians, may not even be aware that he was born into the less-than-ideal circumstances that characterized his childhood in Iragbiji, Osun State. A similar debate exists regarding his true name. According to popular belief, “Bola Ahmed Tinubu” is an identity he assumed at some point after moving to Lagos to live with his surrogate mother, Alhaja Abibatu Mogaji…

“At the time Tinubu told US authorities he was a lowly treasurer at Mobil on $2,400 a month after apparently being the world’s most generously remunerated junior Deloitte accountant, he was doing some decidedly non-lowly things in the background.” While working on this story, I did some research across US land registries and came across this gem from the Prince George’s County Land Records Department in Maryland.

“Was MKO Abiola’s alleged drug ties responsible for the annulment of the 1993 election?” Bola Tinubu, for one, would hope not. Not only does he have very real and proven drug ties, but he has also explicitly positioned himself as the assumed successor to MKO as the political leader of Nigeria’s Yoruba ethnic group ahead of next year’s elections. The only other presidential candidate in Nigerian history to do so was – no prizes for guessing who.

“However, if anyone can avoid having this particular bolt of lightning strike twice, it could well be Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Africa’s luckiest politician.” He apparently had $1.8 million saved up from bonuses and salary payments as a junior accountant at Deloitte when he needed money to launch a political career in the 1990s. Very convenient.

“When his chosen successor faced an almost certain electoral defeat in 2007, the more popular frontrunner was found dead inside his bedroom in Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi – one of Nigeria’s safest neighborhoods.” He’d died by strangulation. Naturally, the chosen successor was elected. “What a happy coincidence.”