TRUTH: Nigerian Troops Did Not Recapture Chibok, Boko Haram Only Passed Through The Deserted Town



There are some dishonest reports making the rounds – that Nigerian troops dislodged Boko Haram to retake Chibok, the town where over 270 girls were abducted.

We do not quite know where this fabrication is being orchestrated from. Nigerian troops did not retake Chibok and send Boko Haram fleeing. What happened as reported earlier in the news is that Boko Haram simply passed through the town as they fled Mubi after the Ibn Fadlallah forces engaged them, killing any elderly Chibok residents found still in town, as they passed as is their habit. Chibok has been a largely deserted town and not of interest to the terrorists.

They never intended to occupy the mostly deserted town and proceeded to a school in Manjakwa village, Hawul local government where they holed up. Now has the military gone to destroy them there? That is the question.

See earlier DailyPost media report by Maina Maina:

It would be recalled that the insurgents had earlier attacked Chibok town, killing not less than 30 people and burning down houses in what was described as hit and run while fleeing Mubi town as a result of heavy military power, which overwhelmed the sect.

The Nigerian army simply drove in to control Chibok when/after the terrorists fled. They did not engage or chase any terrorists. Some reports have it that it was actually the Civilian warriors that first liberated the city.

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    Dame 16 November, 2014 at 19:26 Reply

    What is the purpose of this disjointed and incoherent report? Are u working for and boko with boko haram? How did you know they didnt intend to occupy the town but were only passing through? Why did you report two days ago that they have captured the town? You guys are just a bunch of sick fools that feels you must report for your almajeris brodas boko haram…Shame on you cos soon you will have nothing to report because your boko haram bastards will all be killed..

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