Twitter reacts to dangers of Brazilian butt lifts

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A patient with what appeared to be a third-degree burn was taken to a Philadelphia emergency room. According to media reports, “Her thighs’ skin had turned black, hardened, and blistered. She was struggling to breathe because the burning sensation was so intense.”

Chelsea, 29, is one of thousands of women who seek a Brazilian buttlift every year. The most lethal cosmetic procedure is the one in which fat is liposuctioned from one part of the body and injected into the patient’s backside. The rise in the number of non-board-certified plastic surgeons performing the procedure has resulted in a 3% mortality rate.

What is it about Brazilian buttlifts that makes them so lethal? Bloomberg attributes some of the blame to a lack of federal regulation. To perform the procedure, the American Board of Plastic Surgery requires at least six years of specialized training, but the government does not regulate training.

The surgeon who operated on Chelsea was not a board-certified plastic surgeon. Chelsea has yet to fully recover. One year later, she still has nerve damage, bladder incontinence, and depression, in addition to other emotional and physical trauma.