U.F.O. Terrorist Sprayed Chemicals On My Building To Collapse – T.B. Joshua

The general overseer of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, Pastor T.B. Joshua, has said the collapse of the guest house being built by his church o, saying it was a terrorist attack.

Addressing journalists in the church premises yesterday evening, Mr. Joshua showed a clip taken from the church CCTV which showed a jet observed to have hovered four times around the building

The video clip showed that the jet hovered around the building at 11:30am, 11:43am, 11:45am and 11:54 am. It was after the fourth passage over the building that the structure eventually caved in at exactly 12:44am.

He said from the video clip, the building might have been collapsed as a result of chemical substances poured on it.

In his explanation after the video clip, Joshua said the building might have caved in as a result of a terrorist attack: “In a few weeks, the truth behind the collapsed building will be revealed. The last time the Boko Haram issue occurred, the press were against the church including the police but after some weeks, the truth behind the attack was revealed.”

Joshua explained why he kept quiet on the issue: “I do not want to put fear in the minds of Nigerians. We are still battling with the Ebola virus disease, and that was why I have decided to delay my comment till now.”

The clergyman urged the pressmen to analyse the video and come to their own conclusion as to what might have happened.

He argued that building of such solid foundation would not have collapsed in the manner that the six-storey building came down.