UN Resolution: Israel to Compensate Lebanon

The UN General Assembly {PressTV}

December 23, 2011

PressTv- The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) has issued a draft resolution, once again calling on the Israeli regime to compensate Lebanon for the damages it caused the country during the July-August 2006 war.

On Thursday, the UNGA issued a statement from its headquarters in New York, highlighting the wartime destruction, which, it said, had caused Lebanon’s worst-ever environmental disaster.

It said Israeli warplanes had repeatedly bombed the Jiyye power plant in south Lebanon, which resulted in the leakage of more than 10,000 tons of heavy fuel oil, causing much damage to Lebanon and other states.

It said that the Israeli regime had to take responsibility for providing ‘prompt and adequate compensation’ to Lebanon and the other countries directly affected by the oil spill.

The 33-Day War also killed about 1,200 Lebanese, mostly civilians.

165 countries voted in favor of the draft resolution, eight, including Israel, the US, Canada, and Australia, voted against, six abstained, while 14 nations were absent. Washington has invariably stonewalled the actions taken through the UN against Tel Aviv. source