VIDEO: Jesse Jackson Told To “Get Lost” From Ferguson Rallies


Jesse Jackson told to “get lost” from Ferguson rally.

New black revolutionaries reject the old guard.

In the video a new youth civil right activist in Ferguson accosted Jesse Jackson and told him his presence was not needed. Jesse Jackson is regarded as a “sell out” who represents the corporate government against true black causes.

Jesse Jackson had stopped at a Mc Donalds when he was approached. He did not look quite happy. It was one more time he was booed in the present uprising. He was also booed from stage earlier for seeking Church donations at a Ferguson rally.

The dimensions of the current black uprising are very fiery and determined and it appears the world is witnessing something new. Blacks and whites looted stores together as poverty, abandonment and frustration and helplessness appears to be the underlining trigger of this socual disquiet.

Full Encounter Transcript

Hey Jesse Jackson?
How you doing?
Are you here to support us?
You are?
You’ve been marching all day long?
We haven’t seen you marching all day long?
You’ve been marching all day long?
We haven’t seen you marching.
Hey you going to pay the bond for the brothers who’ve been locked up?
You been with the Brown’s family all day…
What of the brother of Eric Garner, murdered…
Are you going to post his bond?
*2nd voice: Are you marching today with us or you just gonna sit in the car?
Cuz we ain’t seen you marching all day today
We ain’t seen you
When you gonna stop selling us out Jesse
We don’t want you here in St. Louis
When you gonna stop selling us out
No, aint no wait no minute brother
This is real!
We activists out here
We activists out here, brother
This is real
We don’t want you here
You not a leader
You not a leader
We don’t want you here brother
Matter-of-fact, you not even a brother
You could keep moving and keep the brothers out of jail,
That’s what you could do

*drives away