VIDEO: All Praise From Nigerians As *President @ProfOsinbajo Quietly Marks His 60th, Raises Funds For Borno Orphanage

  • No Formal Celebration, @ProfOsinbajo Dedicates 60th Birthday To Seek Donations For 3000 Orphan IT School In Borno


Literally 2000 and counting comments of all praise to Nigeria’s acting president Yemi Osinbanjo as he hit 60 today.

Professor Osinbajo commented:

Thank you everyone, for your kind words, I am humbled and grateful.

I am especially grateful to the Almighty God who has kept me in His arms for 60 years. There is no me without Him.

Saved by Grace alone.

Pastor Osinbajo decided to mark his 60th quietly.

Here is the letter he sent out to Aso rock staff:
bday bday2

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Joyce Nkoro IbejiWhen the righteous rules, the nation rejoices. God has placed you in that position to save the masses from the mess of the past. May your days be renewed like that of an Eagle, and may you live to fulfil your expectations in Jesus Name!
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Abusemi Ngei
Abusemi Ngei On this very special occasion of your birth, God’s mighty hand of glory has lifted you to a professor, pastor, state attorney general, Vice President and now Acting President of Nigeria. You are indeed very blessed and we join millions around the world to wish you a very warm and hearty happy Birthday and many happy returns of the day in Jesus name. Amen. Happy birthday sir.
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Atama Dubiojo
Atama Dubiojo Before now I was just saying let us pray for Prof Osinbajo , but now I have started talking to heaven and praying for him each day. We have never really had a leader since independence. The events of the last 50 days in Nigeria are showing that this maSee More
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Adekola Olawoye
Adekola Olawoye Happy Birthday Great President and role model. I celebrate you today as always. May God continually shower his goodness on you and your entire household. And may God bless your new age with sound health, long life, wisdom to administer Nigeria, riches, wealth and all great things you desire for your self and family. Have a memorable birthday celebration sir. Please invite me for the party. ????
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Adetokunbo Michael Omololu
Adetokunbo Michael Omololu Happy Birthday Prof Yemi,a human landmark worthy of emulation. Keep on keeping on Man of God. We are with you in our prayers and most importantly God is with you as you do God’s work at the highest office of the land in acting capacity. You shall not be used as a sacrifice,God will continue to hold your blood precious in His sight and All things concerning you shall be perfected in Jesus name,Amen
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Njoku Chiemeziem Bernard
Njoku Chiemeziem Bernard Great and exceptional humility. Prof. really knows how to mend broken hearts of Nigerians, all of a sudden everybody loves him. I pray that God will make you Nigeria’s president soon. Move on and never stumble.
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Oguzor Chidozie C
Oguzor Chidozie CHappy birthday Man of God. May God use you to deliver this country. If there’s one man I belief that will serve this country faithfully and honestly, that is you. There’s no other time that Nigeria will be better if not now. Sir, don’t be intimidated See More

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