VIDEO: Six Daesh Suporters Kill Their Own Relative In Saudi Arabia


video showing Daesh(IS) supporters kill a relative of theirs in Saudi Arabia went viral on social media last month with deadly after-effects.

The victim of the attack, as identified by the Saudi interior ministry was Badr Hamdi al-Rashidi, a member of the kingdom’s anti-terror forces in the central Qassim region, which led to his own family killing him for Daesh, Al Arabiya News Channel and Alarabiya reported.

Rashidi’s family members who had allegedly sworn Bay’ah to Abu Baghdadi and his Daesh, according to the Interior Ministry took advantage of family links to draw him to the remote area where they killed him on tape.

One of the relatives, Wael who was Rashidi’s maternal cousin had told him that he should come and get some items for his mother.

The video shows how Rashidi was pulled out of the vehicle and shot dead with machine guns at a remote area near a petrol station between the city of Buraidah and the neighboring Unaizah governorate. The police found his body after residents reported hearing the gunshots.

According to Bandar, Rashidi’s brother, who called the murder a betrayal, late Badr was in his 30s, and the father of two children, expecting a third and taking cae of his disabled brother and sick mom.

Bandar claimed the murderers though their relatives, were not the type they interacted with on the regular but only on occasions. He said they had wanted to kill some other relatives too but were unsuccessful in luring them. He said one of the killers is a doctor and the other an engineer.

On March 11th 2016 the Saudi Arabian government killed the six who took part in that incident in a gunfire exchange when the men refused to surrender to be arrested, the Saudi Interior ministry announced.

The six were Wael al-Rashidi, Moataz al-Rashidi, Nail al-Rashidi, Zaher al-Rashidi, Sami al-Rashidi and Ibrahim Khalaf. Aged from 18 to 32.

Six killed
Six killed