VOA: Activists Seek End to Almajiri Child Begging ‘Culture’ in Nigeria [VIDEO]

Report by Chika Oduah, VOA


Activists estimate there are more than 5 million almajiris begging on the streets of Nigeria.

The almajiris flood the local markets at noontime, looking for rotten fruit and discarded leftovers. They carry their signature begging bowls, walking from house to house and pleading for handouts.

“I can’t take care of them,” Umar Mohammed said. “They should even be the one taking care of me because I am an elder man. There is no organization that is helping us, so we have to allow them to beg. It has been there since our grandparents, so you can’t just wake up and condemn it.”

But in fact, more are condemning it. Mohammed Sabo Keana is another activist in the Nigerian capital of Abuja. He started AlmajiriProject.com where he posts pictures of almajiris. Read full report here