Voice From Behind Wooden Fences, by Aliyyu Umarabubakar [Poem for Dying IDPs]

by Aliyyu Umarabubakar,

(For the internally displaced persons in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa refugee camps)

When I was desperate and you offered me spoonful of corn?
I was starving, for God sake; I needed feed not myself,
My little brother was indisposed and my mother was all bones.
You raven came to me in angels’ fur;
You had me and had me for days or was it weeks?
I still taste your thick saliva on my tongue.

You came to rescue us from the savages like you.
That night I was so happy you showed your face;
You were my sun and moon and could swear you were god-sent.
You gave me your gun and I saw you joke with my family.
You took us through the layers of night to this safe place.
My mother liked you, oh Good Samaritan!
The way you looked at me I knew it wasn’t pity;
The food you offered and pleasantries were all by the way,
All was a façade and you knew I was destitute in despair!

Look at me,
This is your artistry,
I am no longer in shape,
I lost my face,
My dignity you raped,
All for spoonful of corn!
I think of all this and wished I never was born.
My caretaker I am still destitute and my little brother is bones.
I lay in my nest with the memories of your heavy breath on my cheeks,
I closed my eyes and saw your huge frame on a teen girl in a tent,
She begged of you to have mercy and you said it’ll soon end.
I remember the scrunch on your face,
You panted loud as you thrust her to stun.
That night you never smiled, you were at war-front saving your country.
Panting of dying men still echoes in this battle field,
They left their wives at home and their daughters my age.
Good Samaritan, tell your accomplices you have no fears.
They too should fear not death.
Your wives and daughters will not be alone like this teen girl.