Warning: Fake Video of Ghana Accident Distributed as Related to Kaduna Church Suicide Bomb

October 28th, 2012

NewsRescue- As a suspected Boko Haram terrorist drove and detonated a bomb in a Catholic Church in Malali, Kaduna, a non related (fake) video from outside Nigeria as evident by the car plate numbers and taxi cabs (Ghanaian), was posted on youtube by user “Henri Ikwuemesi” {Google+ profile}, and said to have occurred due to the shock of the explosion.

The video was then, still with only 1 view, immediately posted on Nairaland, Nigeria’s largest internet forum by user “lestat“. In the non-related Youtube video, several are seen dead and injured as a trailer truck veered off the road in Kaduna. A man is seen holding a boy with a severed head as a woman beside him wails. Two other victims are seen lying immobile on the street. Please note- this is a fake video and attempt by unscrupulous characters to provoke sectarian strife.

There are many groups and individuals in Nigeria who wish to foment sectarian strife to achieve their wicked motives, which include the promotion of a violent disintegration of the country.

In further acts of maliciousness, the video is being shared around Nigeria by phone video messages to incite sentiment in those who, due to the horror of it, do not quickly notice that it is not a Nigeria video. This in hope of instigating violent sentiment among Nigerians.

Boko Haram, a Kanuri, North East based sect which operates out of Borno and Yobe states as well as neighboring Niger republic and Mali. The deadly sect has been responsible for at least a thousand deaths per year, for the last two years in the Northern parts of Nigeria.

Police have been mobilized to prevent frustrated Kaduna youth from taking revenge on innocent people for the actions of this terrorist sect.

Of recent, Catholic Churches have more commonly been the victim of Bombings against Christians.

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Already, angry and frustrated Christian youth mobs have in related acts of barbarism and misdirected anger, common in Nigeria, killed at least 4 innocent people who they accessed to look like Muslims in Kaduna. Among the killed a motorcyclist was lynched and then his morobike was dropped on him, gas poured and he was burned to death. Lynching is common in Nigeria, this same month a mob lynching and burning to death of four students of the Port Harcourt University in South Nigeria, made global headlines.

After we reported the video for its malicious content and intent, Youtube pulled the video down. But it is still in circulation in Nigeria by phone message as noted above. Please share this information to protect peace.