We Will Use Some Recovered Loot To Fund Women Affairs Ministry – Buhari

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President Muhammadu Buhari has assured the officials of the Ministry of Women Affairs that part of the money his administration would recover from those who have stolen the nation’s wealth would be used to fund the ministry.

He gave the assurance when ‎the ministry’s Permanent Secretary, Ezekiel Oyemomi, led officials of the ministry to brief ‎the President on its activities and challenges at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

The Permanent Secretary said of the ministry: “We cut across 70 per cent of the population dealing with the issues of women, children, the vulnerable, people with disabilities, the distressed, distressed families and the lot.

“He (the President) gave his word that once government can recover some funds, he will make sure that such funds are introduced into boosting the budget of the ministry so that we can be well-funded, especially on areas of empowerment, empowering all the stake holder groups.”

Oyemomi said one of the challenges being faced by the ministry was that some establishments that are supposed to be under his ministry had been absorbed somewhere else.

He said the President had promised to look into the matter and bring such establishments back under the ministry.

“He didn’t give a definite response but our document that have been presented certainly would be reviewed so that the right thing can be done,” he added.

(Juliana Tawio-Obalonye, DAILY SUN)