Yobe 160 Dead: Head Hunter Asks FG For Guns, Says They Killed Boko Haram Attackers And Emir


The chief hunter of the Yobe Kukuwa-Gari village Boko Haram killed as many as 160 fleeing villagers in has requested guns from the Federal government to allow them defend themselves.

The Sarkin Baka, describing how the vigilantes killed 11 out of 14 Boko Haram terrorists including the Boko Haram Emir said if they had better guns than their local dane guns they will have been able to successfully prevent the genocide to their community.

160 villagers were killed with may drowned as numbers of Boko Haram terrorists on motorcycles and in cars attacked the village with some members laying ambush at the river and killing villagers as they ran. Those who jumped in the river drowned as the rains had filled it.