Your Political Life Above The Lives Of Nigerians? In That Case You Are Dead, Jonathan

President Jonathan visits Baga


Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan in a recent interview when asked questions on the “foreign mercenaries” operating in Nigeria, responded that Nigeria had to call them in to “train” our men and “repair” equipment as the country did not have “the luxury of time” to have its soldiers trained on the new equipment imported. [Boko Haram Will Be Ended In A Couple Of Days – Jonathan; Channels TV, March 12, 2015]

While appreciating the necessity for and necessary speed of this 6-week war, we ask the president what happened for 6 years; and why in particular he now knows that Boko Haram can and should be dealt with in speed and with all urgency. Is it because of the Nigerians who have been being massacred for the past 6 years or is this urgency simply electioneering and  because of his political life?

If indeed as appears obvious, President Goodluck Jonathan is only finally engaging in this war because we and the world told him that with Boko Haram holding on and succeeding to continue to terrorize Nigerians, there is no way he can win at the February-March polls; and this war only became necessary and urgent to him because of his political life, then we tell Goodluck Jonathan that he is “dead.”

On behalf of the people of Borno, Adamawa and Yobe and the Boko Haram terror catchment north, and the rest Nigerians, we ask Jonathan four questions:

1; why the sudden urgency and 6-week time frame of the war?

2; did he always know Boko Haram can be defeated in 6-weeks?

3; why did he rather employ foreigners for a rush job than employ us the Civilian-JTF and hunter patriots since for the job we were already doing but needed better support and simple permission to complete?

4; why did he arrest us hunters and block our forward push against Boko Haram only to hire Caucasian mercenaries at $400+ / day to do the same?

We thank Mr. President for his expected response.

It will be wiser he talks directly to us than to all these chiefs he goes to beg and allegedly rain dollars on.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian