Leaked Report From Meeting Of Vice President Sambo With Fed Security Agencies In Kaduna

Namadi Sambo

Below is a translation from Hausa of the leaked report from the meeting of the Vice President with the Governor and security agencies in Kaduna:

In the name of Allah … In a special sitting, of the Vice President, Arc. Namadi Sambo with the Governor of Kaduna State and heads of security arms in the state, with men in attendance as follows:

1. GOC of 1 Mech. Brigade, [Army] Kaduna

2. Police commissioner

3. Commandant, Immigration

4. Head of Prisons, Kaduna

5. Commander, civil defence, Kaduna

6. Commander, NAF, Kaduna

7. Head, State Security [DSS], Kaduna

Sambo-et-JonathanThese heads of security agencies conferred with the Governor Kaduna State and the Vice President in a meeting with the following single agenda: how to use the security agencies in Kaduna State to assist PDP in the forthcoming elections.

The meeting discussed extensively on how to shortchange the people of Kaduna State and secure two million votes for President Goodluck Jonathan in Kaduna State BY ANY MEANS POSSIBLE. These two million votes, according to the Vice President have become absolutely necessary in Kaduna State because it is only in this state that such opportunity exists in the North West Zone.

The Governor, Mukhtar Yero, explained further that this could be accomplished by the PDP only with the cooperation of the security agencies across the state.

Mukhtar Yero
Mukhtar Yero

The Vice President, Arc. Namadi Sambo stated that they need the heads of the security agencies in Kaduna State to, as a matter of urgency, submit the names of their officials that are likely to refuse to cooperate, so that they could immediately be transferred out of the state.

In the meeting, the GOC [Nig. Army] and the head of immigration confirmed that there is indeed the need to transfer some of their officers that must be transferred out of the State for this plan to succeed.


1. Compile and submit immediately names of officers that must be transferred out of Kaduna State from each of the security agencies in Kaduna State, to ensure the success of this plan.

2. Mobilize selected officers to the LGA’s, with guidance from the Kaduna State governor as to specific areas that the PDP needs special assistance.

3. Compile and submit to the commissioner of police and the Director SSS, a list of key APC leaders and supporters to be targeted for special harassment during the election period.

4. Election Day disbursements: N15 million for each of the heads of security agencies, in addition to what will be given to the police personnel to be deployed.

5. Each of the heads of the security agencies that attended the meeting was given N2 million, in addition to certificates for plots of land in Kaduna.

6. Each of the heads of security agencies was given strong assurances of support in their respective departments for special promotions if PDP becomes successful.


—Meeting Details END–

PEOPLE, EVERYONE SHOULD PLEASE KNOW AND BE ASSURED The majority of the rank and file personnel of the security agencies in this country are not in support of these insensitive leaders. Therefore we should be extremely vigilant on the day to day actions of the personnel of the security agencies, and give them wise counsel against committing atrocities against the citizens, as that is the hallmark of patriotism, and is the way to save this country and its people.