Zamfara: How Takfiri Muslims Killed ‘Fellow Rogue Muslims’ And Not Christians In Hero “Tajudeen’s” Compound

Northern riots when Buhari lost the elections in 2011 killed 800: Frequent deadly northern riots against minorities, Christians, Igbos etc.


The reported death by burning of 8 people after allegations of “blasphemy” has taken a twist as new details show that those killed were not the alleged blasphemer and his Christian host but rather Islamist persecutors who had arrived to vandalize the home at Talata Maraf in Zamfara state.

The alleged blasphemer was rescued by a Muslim name given as “Tajudeen” who owned the house burned down, and the alleged blasphemer was taken to police station for his protection. The blood seeking takfiri attackers then found and burned the Muslim rescuer’s car. When he was alerted he took his family and fled the state. His house was attacked after he had gone.

According to new details, takfiri attackers came upon a group who had reached the home earlier and were in the building looking for the alleged blasphemer and also vandalizing the home. The later batch believed those they met in the home were the Christians being sought and burned them to death, killing their fellow blood-seeking persecutors.

The Northern Christian Association of Nigeria has released a statement declaring that no Christian was killed in the home attacked at Talata Maraf. John Hayeb, PRO of Northern CAN (not affiliated with CAN) said:

“We met yesterday (Friday) over the killings going on in Northern Nigeria. We clearly understood that those killed in Zamfara were not Christians. So, the erroneous story going on in the social media and in many other media claiming that those roasted were Christians should be corrected.

“But as an organization, we frowned at the killing human beings in whatsoever guise. Human being are human being. If they are criminals, there are police. We should report them to the police to arrest the and not to burn them in the house. Our concern is that our nation is becoming barbaric.”