el-Rufai: ‘Burying The Evidence’ By Burying It In A Mass Grave

Mando mass graves

Re: Zaria Clashes: Kaduna Govt explains role as municipal authority

The brutal Zaria Massacre that killed close to 1000 defenseless and unarmed #Shia_Muslims in Zaria last December was a pre-planned and coordinated attack that was executed by the corrupt Northern Nigerian civilian-military cabal to serve the evil imperialist agenda in #Nigeria that uses the savage Saudi Wahhabi regime as a front.

Yesterday’s confession by the officials of the Kaduna state government was not out of fairness or to serve the cause of justice, that confession underlined the sharp division in the ranks of those who executed that brutal slaughter of close to 1000 Nigerian civilians and buried their victims in mass Graves to bury the evidences.

The clever Kaduna state Governor Nasir Elrufai is trying to save his neck from the impending investigation of the Zaria massacre by the International Criminal Court (ICC). He has realized that the massacred can not be buried just by burying the victims and destroying all the physical evidences that his government embarked on immediately after the massacre.

To deflect the growing local and international condemnation of the disclosure of a mass grave in Mando, Kaduna state, that contained the remains of 347 members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN), the Kaduna state Governor Elrufai shamelessly released a Press Statement via his Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Samuel Aruwan, to justify his war crimes in the Zaria massacre.

To deceive the gullible and the unenlightened Governor Elrufai wrote:”Balarabe Abbas Lawal, Secretary to the State Government, and Namadi Musa, Director-General Interfaith Bureau, explained that the state government ensured that the victims of the Zaria clashes were buried with full Islamic rights.” Does the bloodthirsty war criminal Elrufai know what is “buried with full Islamic rights”? Were the deads given Islamic bath? Were the deads properly cloth according to Islamic rites? Is burying all the deads that included men, women and children that were all buried in one single grave in accordance with full Islamic rites? And above all is the denial of their families to lead and partake in their burial rites not a gross violation of all Islamic, international and humanitarian laws and conventions?

To further justify his war crime, Governor Elrufai wrote:”The casualties of the clashes had threatened to overwhelm mortuary capacity in the state. Therefore, a mass burial was undertaken in accordance with the obligations of the government under international law.” His claims here was an after thought, when Elrufai and his comrades-in-crime decided to bury those 347 Nigerians in a mass grave they were trying to bury the most important evidences of their war crimes in the Zaria massacre. The excuses given above were flimsy and laughable that does not stand to reason.

Then Governor Elrufai went on a drunken deception tirade by quoting the Hague and Geneva conventions to support his war crime. One does not need to be a Lawyer of international laws and convention to know that these his quotations were quoted out of context to cloud the active role he played in the brutal murder of close to 1000 defenseless and unarmed Nigerians and dumping their dead bodies in mass Graves.

Mass graves discovered in Kaduna after massacre
Mass graves discovered in Kaduna after massacre

And to complete his evil deception, Governor Elrufai wrote:”The burials were conducted with the dignity that is accorded all Muslims.” Does Governor Elrufai knows the meaning of the word “dignity” or is he making a mockery of the word? Here is a bold question “Will Governor Elrufai wish that his wives, children, uncles and nephews be buried as the 347 Shia Muslims were buried in the Mando mass Graves”? The 347 that Elrufai and his cohorts buried in a mass Graves were also human beings and Nigerians who have loved ones who wish to give them proper Islamic burial with FULL DIGNITY THAT IS ACCORDED TO ALL MUSLIMS!

Finally, this ranting by the Kaduna state Governor Elrufai is the action of a drowning man who is desperately trying to save himself from the powerful tide of the just ocean. The fact that the Kaduna state government is presenting prosecuting more than 200 victims of the brutal Zaria massacre under trump-up charges underlined the assertion that Governor Elrufai was part and parcel of the pre-planned and coordinated attacks of the Zaria massacre.

Lest I Forget! The IMN leadership gave the Nigerian Human Rights Commission (NHRC) the list of 750 of its members that were missing since the Zaria massacre. Governor Elrufai has confessed that 347 of that list were buried in a mass grave in Mando, Kaduna state. The question that we ask the oppressive and tyrannical Nigerian regime is that where are the remains 403 Nigerians that are still missing?
Harun Elbinawi
[email protected]